Your Personal Car Buying and Leasing Service

Save Money and Time.

Your Personal Car Buying and Leasing Service

Save Money and Time.

"Time is our most valuable nonrenewable resource, and if we want to treat it with respect, we need to set priorities," wrote physicist Albert-László Barabási.

We will put you together with your next new or used car at the best price, whether it’s down the street or across the country. We’ll protect your time and your wallet as we help you buy or lease—without cutting corners. Why negotiate with salespeople who do not work for you when you can hire one of the most nationally-recognized car buyer's agents (and her capable team) to work on your behalf? The amount you will save with Car Pal will cover our fee, and then some— and you get the vehicle of your dreams. We make it easy. 

Your purchase impacts your financial health and well-being.

Car Pal is an independent company and is not affiliated with any retailers and does not receive any compensation from dealers. We work exclusively for you. All you have to do is to test drive the vehicle(s) you are considering, make your final selection, and sign for it, knowing you got the most favorable price and purchasing terms available.

*The images on this website feature Car Pal's real clients and are posted with their permission.

All it takes is three easy steps...

Step 1

Contact Car Pal by phone, email or use our form at the bottom of the page.

Step 2

Select a vehicle (with assistance from Car Pal, if needed). Go on test drives arranged by Car Pal, as necessary.

Step 3

Pick up your car (or have it delivered to you) after Car Pal has found the perfect match, established the absolute best available pricing and handled all of the logistics on your behalf.


Let Car Pal do the work
and complete the deal

Our Customers LOVE Us!

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  • Gio Iuculano

    The experience was a life saver. I've come back 4 times. Will never buy another car without Car Pal

  • Jamie Langley

    There aren’t enough stars available! Upon returning home from a business trip, I reached out to Car Pal, as my 21 year old, newly graduated / newly employed daughter was on the hunt for a car. Not only did Car Pal make the process simple, but... they found the exact vehicle in the exact color and had it delivered to my daughter at work to finalize the paperwork — but they saved us over $2k from what we were looking at with a local dealership!!! Whoa! I will NEVER buy another car without Car Pal - neither will my daughter!

  • Rave reviews testifying to Lindsay and her Team's Mythic abilities are NOT hyperbole! My husband and I were NYC Straphangers who moved from Manhattan where we had no need for a car, to Astoria, where we quickly found out that we did. We hoped to find a gently used Prius but had zero experience buying used cars, and knew less than nothing about Automobiles in general. We were filled with a sense of foreboding , anticipating a lambs to the slaughter type situation with a dealer.And then, Huzzah! (In Lindsay Vernacular ). My sister told us about a Wizard Woman who had magical skills and conjured up a beautiful second hand Prius for her family, while they sat at home watching Netflix. To our delight, we found that Lindsay was all that, and more! She is , quite simply, a genius whose tireless energy, and laser-like focus, 9 + years of experience and knowledge of all things auto related, dogged negotiating skills that clearly elicit respect from dealers (except when they are trying to get away with perfidy, which she wont tolerate), got us a deal that went beyond anything we could have hoped for. She is also a force of sheer positivity with a glorious sense of humor , all of which made what would surely have been a stressful, costly and arduous process- none of the above!Within a day of signing our contract with CP, we were sent a list - a "First Pass" of cars not too far away that her team had found that fit our needs, price range, ect. The very first one was exactly what we were looking for, a 2017 Prius- price, color, features and milage wise. And it was from a dealership in the south, where winters are obviously less punishing. She got the ball rolling, staying ahead of us each step of the way... great advice about how to procure the best deal on insurance , detailed explanations on what warranty came with, negotiating the cost of shipping, ect. And then. It seemed our luck had been too good to be true. She called to say she could not recommend that we go forward with this auto. In going over the minutia of the contract for us, she had discovered that the car was not "Certified" , which the dealership had claimed that it was. She told us that for monetary and ethical reasons that this (along with some other hidden fees that went over our head), was not cool. We felt especially fortunate that we were not trying to do this on our own at this point! Surely we would have been hoodwinked , not knowing what any of these things meant or how they much they would end up costing and making problems for us down the road. She risked loosing her commission and all the time she had put in this far, to protect us.But this snafu she had unearthed, while initially dispiriting , worked out to in our favor in the end. She told us that a lovely fella she had worked with multiple times , who happened to work at the same dealership, but in the new car division , had offered us a BRAND NEW version of the exact same car (with three year bumper to bumper warranty, ) ...for just $1,200.00 more!! We were over the moon.From there, again thanks to Lindsay's continued guidance through each step of the process, it was smooth sailing. Even though the sale had gone through and she had her commission, she worked 24/7 with the dealer on our behalf, to get the complex process of out of things like sales tax and state tags dealt with. She found a licensing place in Astoria where she had the dealer send the pertinent paperwork so we would have temporary NY tags sent to us before the car got here, and so that the NY license plates would be ready by the time the temporary tags time was up. And so on. She did an email version of a jig when she found shipping costs were so low- as if it was her wallet being spared!As I started with her trademark "Huzzah!", Ill end with another Lindsayism, "BOOM", connoting a wildly successful mission complete! If you want to save time, stress and money on your next Auto Purchase, I hope our story is compellingly illustrative...Grateful Car Pal Members For Life ,Elizabeth Berridge, Kevin Corrigan- Actors, Astoria NY

  • Peter Tavernise

    We have purchased five vehicles over the years via CarPal. No, we don't buy a lot of cars, this is over a long period of time, which tells you what kind of customer loyalty CarPal engenders in their clients. Their team is incredibly capable, enthusiastically positive, and have provided tips and approaches that saved us not only on the purchase but also increased by thousands the amount we got for our old vehicles. I unreservedly recommend their services to anyone wanting to reduce the hassle of purchasing to zero, plus you get to experience top notch customer service from CarPal. Make the call, you won't regret it.

  • Jason Caldwell

    Lindsay and her team at Car Pal do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to car buying (and car selling!). Any time I buy or sell a car, I always do it with Car Pal. Highly recommended!

  • deb ferrero

    Lindsay is nothing short of charming and delightful, but don’t for one minute think that she is not a tough negotiator! She has helped my husband and I twice, both in similar scenarios. We knew roughly the specifics of what we wanted, tracked down the car, test drove it, then had Lindsay get involved in the negotiations (which I don’t like to do and am not good at!). She stepped in and took over, and saved us a lot of money. So painless! I hope I never have to buy another car without her!Deb Ferrero, Chapel Hill, NC

  • Janice Linehan

    They were great in setting my son up w h a reliable car in Seattle. He’s in the Navy and was based there, I was in NY. Great to know he wasn’t taken advantage of and got a military discount!J LinehanPittsford, NY

  • Cherie George

    My husband and I have bought 4 Toyota Camrys through Car Pal.They offer great customer service and the absolute best possible price you can get! We have loved our experience with them and would not ever purchase a vehicle from anywhere else! Lindsay and Frank are great to work with and have become personal friends through our business with them!

  • Jeanie Bergen

    After totaling a beloved car that I owned for less than a month, the last thing I wanted to do was look for a new car. But I desperately needed one. I was tired of venturing off to car dealerships on my own, where I would be confronted by men who were either condescending, wearing too much cologne, or knew less about the cars than I did. A friend recommended Lindsay and within less than a week, I was in a brand new car that she negotiated at a rate that worked for me. She was responsive, communicative, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her and her team.Buying a car is a huge decision, more than we often give it credit for. It's not only nice, but imperative (especially as a woman) to have someone by your side who has your best interests in mind and will negotiate on your behalf, so you can live your life and drive away in a car that works for you. Thank you Lindsay and team!

  • We bought our 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE in December, and we love it! Lindsay Fass Graham made this the easiest and most enjoyable car buying experience I've ever had. Not only did Lindsay save us a lot of money, but she made sure we ended up with the color we most wanted, without paying extra for things we didn't want, and we picked up the car just a few miles from our house, where we expect to service the car throughout its life. Our trade-in was supereasy and through Lindsay's help the financing went smoothly, with a better rate than our own credit union. We could not have done it without her. I have known Lindsay for more than 30 years, and I've watched her business grow over Facebook, so I knew it was going to be a great experience. Her great humor and immense knowledge made the whole experience a lot of fun, and I learned a lot in the process. I highly recommend Car Pal. It is the only way I will buy a car from now on.

  • Paula Gutkin

    I negotiate for a living but when it comes to buying/leasing cars I don’t have the patience nor the expertise. So I went to the professionals at CarPal—Lindsay, Frank and Jay were amazing!!! On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being completely satisfied, I give them an 11. Not only was I completely satisfied, they exceeded my expectations. They saved me 2 things I value very and time. Equally as important they were a true pleasure to deal with. Their customer service and response time is phenomenal. Well worth the money. I would happily and enthusiastically use them again and I highly recommend them to anyone else looking to buy or lease a car. Thank you Lindsay, Frank and Jay. I am an extremely satisfied customer.

  • Kira Martin

    Lindsay is so knowledgeable and helpful with the car buying process! Her negotiating skills are top notch- she knew exactly how far she could push to get the best deal. I recommend her service to anyone looking to buy a new or used car- her help made a stressful process so much easier!!!

  • Lindsay and her team are amazing! She went above and beyond and over the top on many occasions to make sure that I got the perfect car, and the perfect “first time” buyer experience! Ten stars!!!!

  • Emily O'Barr

    I don’t usually write reviews. In fact I think I’ve written a total of three in my life. That said, my recent experience with Car-Pal was so exceptional that I contacted the owner after the purchase of my car was complete to ask her where I could write a review on her behalf. So here’s what I have to say: I’m a really earnest person. When I deal with other people, I’m honest and direct and I expect the same. Car buying has always felt stressful to me - like there was some indirect game to play and where people who seemed friendly might actually be interested in taking advantage of my naivety. My poker face is non-existent. If I want something, you’ll know it right away. A couple of years… More

  • If you are looking for a car. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or used, Lindsay is always going to make your dream come true quickly like a magic. My husband and I have been her car pals for years and we just got our new Honda CRV (#4) this past weekend. LOVE it. What you have to do is giving her your preferences and she will do the rest then you go pick up the car of your dream. Yes! It’s easy just like that!! Thanks Lindsay, car pal angel 😇

  • Car Pal stands out as one of the best customer experiences I’ve ever had. Lindsay’s process abstracts away all of the complexity that goes into purchasing or leasing a car; she has made me a customer for life. Drawing on expertise she’s built up over her years in the industry, she took ownership of everything from locating cars that matched my (very) particular requirements to scheduling a test drive to negotiation and post-purchase follow-up. Her approach eliminated the feelings of uncertainty and pressure that are the usual side-effects of car-buying. And when there was a hiccup on the drive home from an out-of-state purchase, she had a local dealer ready to welcome us as soon as we arrived. I am so grateful I reached out to Lindsay to see what the whole Car Pal thing was about. I absolutely love driving the Volvo XC60 she helped us procure, but I’m actually looking forward to the next time we need to buy a car so that I can work with her again. 🙂

  • Michael Ide

    I dealt with Lindsay from Car Pal. She is very knowledgeable about the car buying process and communicates very well with her customers and the dealership. From three-way phone calls and text messages, the communication is perfect. She knows the business and how to buy a vehicle and can explain everything about the vehicle and financing options to her customers. I’d highly recommend! Thank you very much!!

  • Janice Linehan

    So grateful for them helping my Navy son get a fun but reliable car. He lives on the west coast so I wasn’t sure how to help. They even got him a military discount! Very grateful Navy Mom❤️

  • Sam Segall

    Car Pal is to cars as is to everything else you can buy. You WILL save money and get exactly what you want, at the best price. Lindsay Graham is a person of utmost integrity. The opportunity to save this much money and time by using an expert to buy or lease a new or used car doesn't come around every day, so call her and see if you can seize the opportunity! You won’t know it until you start comparison shopping and then you will realize how she saves you thousands of dollars. I’m serious, just talk to the business and you will see why I think Car Pal is the place to go!

  • Amity Whalen

    My family has worked with Lindsay since 1998! She is knowledgeable, honest and works hard to get you the best price possible. I recommend her and Car Pal to my family and friends.

  • Maxi Bianca

    Lindsey and Alex are an absolute pleasure to work with! So informative, always an immediate response, they are truly the best!

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