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Car Pal Examines: Are You in The Best Car Dealership to Buy a Car?

There are so many critical considerations that go into buying a car. We  strongly believe that your car should be your pal! We will discuss many of the considerations to keep in mind over the next few months, but first things first, how to select the perfect car dealership.Four indications you are in a great car dealership:1. Your salesperson … Read more

Car Pal’s Answer to: “Will a Car Buying Service Help Me Avoid the Car Dealership’s Documentation Fee?”

As a former “insider” in the car business, my inside joke about the infamous “Doc” fee tacked on to virtually every vehicle purchase in America began in 1997 when I was instructed to explain to clients that the documentation fee is to pay for the processing of the paperwork.  I never quite bought into the … Read more