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A Happy Car Purchase Experience with Car Pal Car Buying Service

Sometimes great is just great, awesome is just awesome and happy is just happy.  There is no more.  That’s the beginning, middle and the end.  No shoe is going to drop. 
I am motivated to write this blog today because of a “scare” today
regarding a happy client.  There is so much negativity in the news, there is so much unhappiness with the government and the state of our country, it is so easy to start thinking that nothing is supposed to wind up good at the end.  Well, I am pleased to say, this is simply not true in every instance.  But many of us come to expect the other shoe to drop, if not now, then later.  Here is today’s Car Pal case in point.

A few months ago, Car Pal had a client from Mississippi in search of the perfect car.  He was probably the happiest client we’ve ever had, and he was certainly one of the nicest and most pleasant to deal with.  We helped him purchase his dream pre-owned car in his dream budget so he could get ready for his upcoming retirement.

When the transaction was over, our happy Car Pal client wrote to us immediately about his excellent experience. We have exchanged a few emails and calls since that time, and every time he expresses his delight with his Car Pal car purchasing experience.

Today, I log into Lindsay@car-pal.comand see that Pay Pal has sent us a notice about a client disputing one of our charges.  It was the fee for full service and it was for that very client that had expressed such happiness.  All kinds of crazy thoughts went whizzing through my head.  First I thought, “Maybe he saw that we changed our fees, and wants to pay less?”  But then I did the math, and saw that the new 2.5% of asking price or MSRP was exactly the same as what we had charged him on the flat fee schedule.  So, it could not have been that.  Then I thought, Maybe his car broke down, and he blames us for it?” But then I remembered that Car Pal put in writing that we would not be responsible for anything that went wrong with the vehicle after purchase.  After all, every used car purchase carries with it the inherent risk that something could break or wear out, but that’s also why we save money when we purchase a used car!  “Nope,” I thought, “can’t be that either.” 

Finally, I decided to simply gather up the courage and call him and ask.  Surprised that he was delighted to hear from me, I asked him if everything was fine with his new to him Lexus.  Yes, he said, everything was wonderful, perfect in fact. Then I asked if he knew about the charge back.  Surprise!  He knew nothing about the dispute and charge back. Suddenly after we talked for a moment, he remembered that he had, in fact, disputed a Pay Pal charge and hadn’t connected it to  purchasing Car Pal’s services in May.  Thus, he issued the dispute, not realizing it was his Car Pal Fee.

All’s well that ends well.  There was never a problem, just a lapse in memory. Car Pal’s client is still happy, Car Pal is happy, and more future happy customers and happy experiences to come.  He happily paid our fee again and even offered to pay extra for the trouble (!!)  So, here it was, three months later and the client is still happy.  Could we ask for better news?

It is sad how the state of things, though distressing and real, can infect the mind and result in thinking that surely nothing could have been that good.  The other shoe was bound to drop.  Nope! 

Here is the happy ending excerpt: “Our new home [retirement home] has lots of room so please come visit and stay with us if that
comfortable for you.  We look forward to having friends, children, grandchildren, and Godchildren doing the same.

I want to add that the Lexus SC-430 is my dream car!  With predicted feel-like temperatures so hot, estimated at 108 degrees here today, we haven’t dropped the top for several weeks, but it has an exceptional air conditioning system!  I bought a full-cover  for it since we don’t have shaded places to park on campus, and I cover it every  day.  Stuart told me that he did the same, as well as waxed it every six  months.  I’ll begin waxing it in January.  It’s too hot now.  I keep learning  new things that it does, and I simply haven’t had time, with so much work after  hours on moving and buying a home, to read all of the owner’s manual.  That’s  probably a retirement task as well.  I should add that a Honda Fit doesn’t  compare, and your question of what my dream car would be was one of life’s best  questions to me.”

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