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Car Pal, LLC is a personal new and used car buying service. Our team has a combined experience of over 20 years in car dealership and wholesale management and sales.

Lindsay Graham, CEO

Lindsay Graham - CEO - Car Pall LLC

Car Pal founder Lindsay Graham began her consumer advocacy career in 1997 when she was hired as a sales consultant for a local Saturn dealer in Chapel Hill, NC. After flying up the ranks to #1 for sales in the nation her first year, she was asked to speak publicly about her talents at a regional Saturn meeting for management.

Lindsay's great secret became known quickly, and she soon received the nickname "LG" (for Low Gross) from her management team. She was more concerned about her customers receiving the absolute best service combined with her coaching on how to save money on their vehicle purchases than she was about the dealership's bottom line. Nevertheless, the dealership retained Lindsay because of her sales rankings, along with an abundant repeat and referral business.

Lindsay spent the next twelve years selling all makes and models of automobiles. From 2008 - 2010, she made her sales from home as an internet manager for Toyota, assisted by two exceptional on-site sales associates.

With the changing economy and dealers needing to tighten their belts, Lindsay found a conflict of interest. It was no longer possible for her to maintain the profit margins acceptable to management while achieving the level of savings she knew was possible for her clients. Lindsay also wanted to use her "how to buy a vehicle and make use all of the available shortcuts" acumen all over the country, rather than at one single retail facility. LG decided it was time to assist car buyers independently, and so she founded Car Pal.

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Your best deal on a vehicle begins before you ever contact a dealership!

Whether you’re a happy Car Pal client or a first-time visitor enjoying what you’re reading on our site, you understand why working with experienced industry professionals is the best decision when it comes to negotiating the deal for your next vehicle.

Why negotiating a good deal on your own isn’t easy or fun

Like most other car buyers, you’ve most likely found that negotiating a truly favorable deal on a new or used vehicle is almost never easy, even when you’re working with a reputable dealer. There are details upon details to remember, along with plenty of opportunities for the dealer to upsell you on pricey options and services. The most highly-rated car dealers are still focused on profit, which makes it extremely difficult for even the most knowledgeable buyers to manage their own negotiation process.

How working with Car Pal saves you time, stress, and money

This is why Car Pal exists. With our inside industry knowledge, we’ve helped hundreds of well-informed clients like you save time, energy, and money since 2011. We understand your needs, and we work with you from the time you decide which vehicle you want until you’ve signed and sealed your deal, and your vehicle has been delivered to you. Whether you choose to lease or purchase; and whether you seek a new or used vehicle, we’ve got you covered. Our flat-fee pricing means that we’ll work as long as it takes to complete your deal, period.

Working with us means you’re in great company

Many of our clients have used our services more than once, and have helped us generate new business through word of mouth. Typically, our clients have limited spare time and excellent credit, and strive to spend money wisely. Most are professionals in their fields. Of course we gladly work with any willing client! Interestingly, we’ve found that physicians, surgeons, and other high-level health care practitioners have most frequently benefited from our expertise.

If you’re already a happy Car Pal client, thank you! If you’ve just discovered our site and are seeking your next vehicle, we’d love to help you have an exceptional experience in making your best possible deal.

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