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Car Pal, LLC is a personal new and used car buying service.
Our team has a combined experience of over 30 years in car dealership and wholesale management and sales.

Our Team


S. Lindsay Graham

Car Pal Founder & CEO

S. Lindsay Graham, Car Pal's visionary Founder and CEO, leads a renowned consumer advocacy platform that revolutionizes the car-buying experience. Her journey in the automotive industry began in 1997 when she joined a local Saturn dealer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, as a sales consultant. Lindsay's unparalleled dedication and commitment swiftly propelled her to the pinnacle of success, where she earned the prestigious title of #1 for sales in the nation within her first year.

Throughout her illustrious career, Lindsay's expertise and insights have made her a sought-after figure in consumer advocacy. She prioritizes maximizing buyer's dollars and meeting their requirements, whether it be speed, ease, thorough research, or the invaluable luxury of time to "sleep on it."

Drawing from over a decade of experience selling a diverse range of automobiles, Lindsay's innovative spirit led her to envision a revolutionary business model that prioritizes consumer needs above all else. Through Car Pal, Lindsay and her dedicated associates provide unparalleled, client-focused car-buying services, ensuring that each client experiences a hassle-free journey without the frustrations typically associated with negotiating vehicle purchases.

Lindsay Graham's unwavering commitment to consumer advocacy has transformed the car-buying landscape, empowering clients with the confidence and assurance that their best interests are always at the forefront. Through Car Pal, Lindsay continues to redefine industry standards, cementing her legacy as a pioneer in revolutionizing how people buy cars.

Kevin Raineri - 1080 wide

Kevin Raineri

Car Pal Team Member

Born, raised, and still residing in New Jersey, received extensive classical and jazz piano training as a kid which ignited a life long passion for performance and writing. Like many musical and theatrical types, he started working in the restaurant business to support his love of the arts.

After a few years in the restaurant business, he bagan to excel as an executive chef and director of operations, roles that demanded non-stop dedication and a love for service. Although he thrived in this fast-paced environment, the unsustainable long hours led him to seek a new career.

When Kevin transitioned to the automotive industry, he found his niche at Subaru. Later, his calling found him as a consultant and buyer's agent with Car Pal.

Kevin's approach is all about ensuring clients get the vehicle they want at the most aggressive price available in the market, echoing the foundational principles of Car Pal. Kevin values efficiency and works to ensure that each Car Pal client uses the least amount of brain space on typical car buying stressors and their valuable attention is funneled towards fulfilling needs and wants for their purchase.

Kevin remains devoted to writing and shares his love for piano with his daughter. And he still loves to cook. What people say about Kevin: car expert, comedian, cook, caretaker, not necessarily in that order.


Frank Anderson

Car Pal Team Member

Frank Anderson is a dedicated Car Pal Team Member with a keen eye for detail and a passion for finding the perfect vehicle solutions. He grew up in Jamestown, North Carolina, and attended North Carolina State University, where he delved into the world of textiles, honing his analytical skills and attention to detail.

However, Frank's exceptional talent as an ace sleuth detective truly sets him apart. With a knack for uncovering the extraordinary and seeking out the superb, Frank consistently delivers results that exceed expectations, making him an invaluable asset to our Car Pal clients.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Frank finds joy in life's simple pleasures. Whether he's spending quality time with his daughter, Kate, golfing, or enjoying the company of his cherished cat, Panther, Frank embraces the tranquility of nature through activities like surf fishing, and cycling. He is also a master carpenter (by hobby, not profession), and his entire house is full of furniture he built from scratch over the years. Whadda guy!


Perfect Polly Poodle-Pal

Car Pal Tail Wagger

Polly's favorite vehicle is a 2012 Honda Pilot. Don't ask why, because she won't tell.

About You

Gio Iuculano, Winchester Dental, Winchester, VA
Gio Iuculano, Winchester Dental, Winchester, VA

Your best deal on a vehicle begins before you ever contact a dealership!

Whether you’re a happy Car Pal client or a first-time visitor enjoying what you’re reading on our site, you understand why working with experienced industry professionals is the best decision when it comes to negotiating the deal for your next vehicle.

Why negotiating a good deal on your own isn’t easy or fun

Like most other car buyers, you’ve most likely found that negotiating a truly favorable deal on a new or used vehicle is almost never easy, even when you’re working with a reputable dealer. There are details upon details to remember, along with plenty of opportunities for the dealer to upsell you on pricey options and services. The most highly-rated car dealers are still focused on profit, which makes it extremely difficult for even the most knowledgeable buyers to manage their own negotiation process.

How working with Car Pal improves your car buying experience.

We listen carefully to your needs, and we work with you from the time you decide which vehicle you want (we can also help out with the decision-making upon request) until you’ve signed and sealed your deal, and your vehicle has been delivered to you. Whether you choose to lease or purchase; and whether you seek a new or used vehicle, we’ve got you covered.

Working with us means you’re in great company

Many of our clients have used our services more than once*, and have helped us generate new business through word of mouth. Typically, our clients have limited spare time and excellent credit, and spend their money wisely. Β CEOs, engineers, physicians, surgeons, and other high-level health care practitioners have most frequently benefited from our expertise.

If you’re already a happy Car Pal client, thank you! If you’ve just discovered our site and are seeking your next vehicle, we’d love to help you have an exceptional experience in making your best possible deal with no-nonsense results.


Jeff Ready writes: "4 Car Pal cars in one driveway!"


Jeff Ready shows off four Car Pal cars.
Jeff Ready shows off four Car Pal cars.

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