Car Buying 101 by Lindsay Graham of Car Pal, LLC

This will be one of the longer blogs you’ve ever read, but worth it (!) - fast read as it’s mostly dialogue…Car Buying 101: Get it in Writing, is a reminder lesson taken from day of painfully frustrating telephone back and forth with Staten Island Honda Internet Department.  If only I could get that part of my life back… lost forever in the craziness of … Read more

How Two Car Pal Clients Save Huge Money when Buying a New Car

Examples of some of the huge savings our clients have received from using Car Pal to buy their vehicles: Karen Johnson of Greensboro, NC had no trade in and knew exactly what 2011 Honda Accord she wanted to purchase. She concluded that she couldn’t afford Car Pal’s services, but was willing to pay the $200 … Read more

Buying a Car? Car Pal suggests you ponder these Four Questions

While we know on some level that the car purchase is all about our own and/or your family’s needs, it is important to remind ourselves of this prior to contacting or walking into a car dealership.  Here are some great questions to think about in preparation.There are, of course, far more than four questions to ponder … Read more