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Avoid this Mistake – Car Brokers are NOT Car Buyers Agents – What to Know in 2023

Did you know that there is a big difference between a car broker and a car buyers agent? Did you know that many brokers promote themselves as buyers’ agents, but in reality, they are brokers?

Incidentally, some car buyer’s agents are listed under β€œcar brokers” on Google because Google doesn’t have a business listing option for β€œcar buyer’s agent” Car Pal is one such example of several.

What’s the difference? Follow the money!

A car broker generally collects fees from the seller and the buyer, so the car buyer ultimately pays more than they might have.

A car broker must have a dealer’s license and does not exclusively represent the buyer.

Although broker services may provide worthwhile suggestions, they are not comprehensive enough to get into all the “hidden” ways that dealerships make their profits. A car buyer’s agent like Car Pal doesn’t leave it to you to figure that out. They do it for you!

Unlike a car broker, a car buyer’s agent works for its client for a fixed fee free of dealer incentives.

A car buyer’s agent will work on their client’s behalf to find the best possible deal for a new, used or leased vehicle. The agent will search nationwide and work with dealers to negotiate the best price, features, and financing.

A car buyer’s agent will ensure you save as much money as possible when purchasing or leasing. A car buyer’s agent understands the ins and outs of the car business and knows how to negotiate with dealers.

Negotiating isn’t always about price. It’s about facilitating the transaction, saving you time and headaches.

But can’t big companies find the best deals?

Many large corporations claim they can find the best deals, but is it true? This is a common misconception.

Their first concern is their bottom line.

Their second concern is maintaining relationships with car dealerships.

Where does that leave you, the car buyer?

Many companies might give you the impression that they are buyer’s agents, including Zag, True Car Pricing, Kelly Blue Book, AutoNation, Autobytel, and the two biggest offenders: Costco and Sam’s Club.

But they’re not buyers’ agents. They are brokers, and they represent car dealers. They are not working to help you find the best vehicle at the lowest price with the least hassle.

There are three different ways to get the best deal on new, used or leased vehicles

  • You can use your search engine to study the car buying process for several hours and take your chances with a large broker.
  • You can shop at least eight different dealers and put your negotiating skills to the test.
  • You contact a car buyer’s agent and ask for help finding the best possible deal.

The last of these choices seems wisest to many who have “been there/done that.”

As a car buyers agent, Car Pal works for its client for a pre-agreed upon fee and receives no compensation from the dealer. You can visit our pricing page if you’d like to learn more about our services and satisfaction guarantee. But can’t big companies find the best deals?

Avoid this Mistake - Car Brokers are NOT Car Buyers Agents
Lindsay Graham, Car Pal CEO helps car buyers find the best deals possible.
Avoid this Mistake - Car Brokers are NOT Car Buyers Agents
Sorry, little dogs not included, but Car Pal will help you find the best deal on a new or used car or truck. Our personalized service is very different from what you will receive from a car broker.
Mari Raskin knows the difference between a car broker and car buyer's agent
Car Pal client Mara Raskin knows the difference between a car broker and car buyer’s agent.

Originally Published October 2016 – Updated February 2023

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