Car Shopping in the Age of COVID-19: An Update

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Car Shopping in the Age of COVID-19 has completely changed since the onset of the pandemic. Here’s the current state of industry. The emergence of appointment-only and remote shopping In the early weeks of the pandemic, dealerships responded swiftly by adopting appointment-only and virtual operations. The bulk of the legwork in selecting a car and … Read more

Seven Reasons to Have a 3rd-Party Arrange Your Test Drive

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You really don’t need to visit the car dealership except to test drive a car. Particularly NOW given current health concerns. Here are the seven reasons to have us or another 3rd-party car buying service arrange your test drive: You are there to experience the vehicle. That’s it. The sales associate is there to answer … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Using a Car Buyer’s Agent

A car buyer's agent can save you time, stress, and money--so you drive away happy!

If you’re like the majority of car buyers, you may not relish the thought of buying or leasing your next car. It’s not easy to shop in a dealership without feeling pressured, and there are hidden costs to buying online with a car buying service. How can you protect yourself? A car buyer’s agent just may be the hero you need.

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