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Car Pal Car Buying Tips: How to Find the Perfect Car Salesperson

Car Pal had the great privilege of helping a used car buyer in Rochester, NY find the perfect car and the perfect sales consultant to serve them.  The clients were looking for a used Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, which was as easy to find as a needle in a haystack.   However, even more impressive was finding Holly Beeman.  Holly is a sales consultant at Faulkner Hyundai in Harrisburg, PA and she is today’s Car Pal spotlight sales woman.  An honest and other-centered car dealer is harder to find than a needle in a haystack!  Car Pal found both and an awesome price too.

A debate could develop over what’s more important, finding the perfect car, or finding the perfect salesperson if one is purchasing from a car dealership.  Here’s why:  You find the perfect car and the sales experience is subpar, it colors most of your future interactions with your new car/family member.  Let’s face it, as much time as most of us spend in our vehicles, the vehicle/s can show marked similarities to some of our family members. They make noise, they need to be fed and maintained, and they are generally helpful and a joy to have around. Just like family!  Therefore, no further argument needs to be made as to why we want to treasure and appreciate the key person who helps with the vehicle transition from dealership to new owner. 

In this particular transaction, once we found the perfect used Hyundai
Sonata Hybrid, Car Pal decided to ask for the most fun salesperson for
assistance with the transaction.  That may seem counterintuitive when one seeks exemplary service, but Holly Beeman exemplifies why fun = best service.  If the salesperson is fun, it means five critical things are probably going on:

1. They love their work
2. They do their work well, a job well-done results in a happy and fun person.
3. They are relaxed because they are an expert in their field.
4. They have a lot of happy customers.
5. They are “other-centered” because true joy comes from helping others, not being self-serving.

Holly loves her work, does it well, she is relaxed because she is an expert at what she does, she has tons of happy customers, and she is
other-centered and brings customer service to the level we all expect and hope for, but rarely find.  Here’s a link to her happy photo:

Conclusion:  the next time you embark on bringing a new vehicle member into your family unit, consider the importance of teaming up with the highest quality sales person.  Don’t leave it to chance, plan in advance!  Once you are on the brink of spending thousands of dollars (which is what most car purchases amount to!), whether in cash or in loan money, the amount is significant enough to warrant enthusiastic and talented service 100% of the time!

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