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Car Pal Contacts Sugar Land, TX Internet Department

Car Pal, car buying service, working on behalf of a client in Austin Texas, finds a used Yukon XL near Houston TX that meets that client’s needs.  The email contact went something like this:  “Hi there, this Yukon is perfect for our client.  I would like to see if you can sell this vehicle for $29,000 even, please let me know at your earliest convenience.” 

Much to my delight, there was an email waiting for me from the Classic Chevrolet Internet department, Sugar Land, Texas when I woke up Sunday morning.  Such fast and good service!  There was even a voice message from the same Internet Salesperson that said she was working from home. 

But here’s the content of her email below and it was not the “automated email” that her system sent at 11:48 pm Saturday night, this was sent directly from her!  Please feel free to comment below if you see where/how she failed to answer my simple question from my initial contact last night.  This is so very typical and common.  This is not unique to Sugar Land, TX, nor any other Internet Department that fails to answer the direct question asked.   And we wonder why dealing with car dealers AND even their Internet sales departments is often beyond frustrating!! 

Hello Lindsay,

My name is Carol Cuffy, thank you for your inquiry. I understand there are so many choices available to you, and sometimes it’s confusing. I would like to invite you out to the dealership to take a look at our fine selection of vehicles.  We also have several financing options available for you.  However, my main concern is making sure that we select the right vehicle that will fit your needs.  I can be reached at 281-491-9000 or on my cell phone at 832-459-7512. I look forward to working with you.

Carol Cuffy

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