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Car Pal – Core Belief Regarding Car Buying Services

I rarely, if ever quote anybody on my Car Pal car buying blog, however, this below is too good, and embodies all I think and believe about Car Pal’s new and used car buying services.  If Car Pal does not or can not save its clients far more savings in time, money and grief than the client pays for, we don’t want to receive pay!  Thus, our money back guarantee.  Below summarizes it so well:

Remember this, and never take money from anyone without giving 
more in use value than the money you are receiving. In people’s lives, this is one of the main causes of lack of money, unsuccessful job experiences, and failed businesses. Give more value than the money you are receiving; in your job, in your business, and in every part of your life.

Just today a car dealer told Lindsay Graham of Car Pal the following:  “Lindsay, I’ve never met anyone like you.   I mean, I’ve met car brokers before, and they’re all pretty hard to deal with, and I’ve met buyer’s agents, but I’ve never met anyone who cared so much about their clients as you do.”  That was a supreme compliment and hopefully proof that Car Pal has no interest in providing a service unless its value is far more than the fee collected.  

Happy car buying in 2012 from Car Pal!

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