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Car Pal honors some of the Country’s Best Car Dealers – Part I

PictureBrad Hackendahl of Fred Beans Toyota

Car Pal, in celebration of three years of success as a national car buyer’s agent, decided that it would be fitting to honor our favorite car dealers.  Car Pal’s efficient service could not take place without the existence of these exemplary general managers, general sales managers, sales managers and internet managers.  A great car dealer is somewhat like a needle in a haystack, so we are eternally grateful to those dealers who operate in the following ways.  Here are the ideal qualities:

  • A dealer who looks for the best in everybody, and rewards the team for achievements.
  • Completes deals at a highly competitive price and with favorable financing terms (if applicable) and does this quickly and in writing so that there is never any need for the car buyer’s agent (nor end user) to scratch their heads and wonder what deal they are really going to get.
  • Answers their phone when telephone communication is required to consummate and/or fine tune the details of a car lease or purchase.
  • Gives such excellent customer service that Car Pal returns to that dealer regularly and rewards the dealer with repeated volume car purchase business.

Brad Hackendahl, general manager for Fred Beans Toyota in Flemington, NJ (formally a sales manager for Conicelli Toyota in Springfield, PA) epitomizes the Car Pal car buying service’s standard of excellence.

Brad is shown in the photo above as the co-chef for a rooftop BBQ this summer in honor of Fred Beans’ employees and their record breaking sales success for the month of May, 2012.  

Below is an excerpt from an email communication with Car Pal (with CC to Car Pal’s client, Brian) about a Toyota Prius purchase in 2012.  Though this transaction took place nearly two years ago, Brad was so superior with his customer service and attention to details and customer satisfaction, that Car Pal detectives tracked him down to use his fine services for their very first FINRA employee corporate car buying service in October 2013.  

Please note, as you review the email below (cut and paste from the actual February 29, 2012 email exchange) the attention to detail in writing so all parties are on the same page with great clarity and have the same understanding about the fine details of the car purchase:  

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 2:11 PM, b.hack <> wrote:

Thanks for the opportunity to earn your business.

Attached is a copy of the spec sheet on your car.

We will be adding leather/heated seats and back up mirror.
We should be good for Saturday delivery.

To recap the figures:

23000 sell price
1050 leather and heated seats
599 back up camera
24649.00 bottom line sell price
1485.24 Taxes @ 6%
301.00 license/registration/title fee
26435.24 due at delivery.

Brian, you can finance 100% if you would like.
You are already approved.

I need the following scanned or faxed:

-drivers license- front and back
-valid insurance card
-insurance agent name and contact #

I’ll be in touch in the next day to set a time for Saturday.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Brad Hackendahl
Conicelli Toyota of Springfield
610-690-6000 ext 5046
610-690-6199 fax #

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