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Car Pal Rates Top Customers

Car Pal is Grateful for Customer Testimonials.  It is now time for “Rate Our Top Customers!”

Customer #1 for this new 5 star rating process is Lea Dudley White of Lafayette, CO.  EVERYTHING she wrote in our email exchanges was just so enthusiastic, knowing, and FUN (!!!)  As if Car Pal had written the emails on her behalf.
Here are some excerpts from Lea’s many email communications (Car Pal handles 90% of its transactions via email) *posted with Lea’s permission:

  • Thanks again for all of your time and EXCELLENT communication!!
  •  I am very happy I followed Don’s advice and decided to work with you!!!!
  • Yes, I know it won’t be repainted because of a scratch an inch long. This is good – I don’t have to worry about the first scratch – it’s already there!!
  •  I know you will do your best to make sure the car is as expected and it’s a positive buying experience. 
  • ​Again, YAY!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!! Very excited!!!!!!! 
  • ​Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I REALLY appreciate all you’ve done for me!!! 💟 George** will have a good home with me!
  • Thanks for your prompt response, as usual!

We had so much FUN with Lea.  The ultimate win is when everyone has fun and a new or used vehicle is purchased with a minimum of muss and fuss!  
We give Lea a five out of five star rating for her patronage and her lively and enthusiastic style. 

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