The Great Deals Clients have gotten from using a Car Buyer’s Agent to purchase or lease a car

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Buying a Car Following a Discharged Bankruptcy

Here we are in a period of mortgage loan modifications and high unemployment as well as unprecedented financial struggles for many folks who have never had to be as mindful in the past about each extra dollar they spend. Some consumers have even had to pull the plug and declare bankruptcy. Despite the feelings of powerlessness and helplessness that … Read more

Car Buyer’s Agent, Car Pal and Lindsay Graham present: Tip 12A

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Car Pal Car Buying Services Tip #11 with Lindsay Graham, Car Buying Expert

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Car Pal Car Buying Tip of the Day #10 with Lindsay Graham

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Assertiveness Training 101 with Car Pal – Includes Life In and Outside a Car Dealership

What does assertiveness and a visit to the car dealership have to do with life in general?  The CEO of Car Pal, Lindsay Graham, spends a lot of time in deep philosophical contemplation about the meaning of her work. A question she regularly asks herself is, “How can I help my clients beyond saving them from … Read more