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Five Ways to Simplify Your Online Car Purchase

You’ve decided that you would prefer to buy a car online rather than driving from dealership to dealership.  However, you would like to streamline your efforts and avoid the hassle.Here are five of the best practices recommended by your Car Pal: 1.  Contact (using the selected dealership’s ”contact us” page) five dealerships in, or close to, your preferred purchase locations.  If … Read more

With Gas Prices Skyrocketing, Is It Time to Trade In My Current Vehicle for Better Fuel Economy?

Maybe not! As the ultimate consumer advocate, Car Pal would rather have people save their money if it doesn’t make good financial sense.  There are so many factors involved in the decision to buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle. Things to ask yourself: What are my current driving habits and current needs? What is my current … Read more