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Chad Mills, Flow Automotive Companies’ Sales Manager and Role Model

What do Flow Automotive Companies, Peyton Manning and Beck’s Baptist Church all have in common?   The leadership of Chad Mills!  OK, well, maybe not Peyton Manning, but the photo in the slide show is there to show you just how tall Chad Mills is!  

Why does Chad Mills stand tall literally and figuratively, and why is he being featured on Car Pal’s Car Buying Blog?  As our readers know by now, we feature some of our best dealers from time to time, because it is our hope, since we can’t serve all car buyers in the nation (wish we had that kind of staffing…) that our blog will guide our readers in the right direction (such as to Flow Automotive Companies, and specifically, Chad’s store And encourage great dealers to continue to prioritize customer service and fair pricing. 

Chad is a role model.  Clearly, Flow Automotive Companies makes it a practice to hire role models!  Car Pal’s last transaction with Flow Automotive Companies involved shipping a used Acura from Flow’s Acura store to New Orleans, LA and with the myriad of possible complications that could have taken place, Car Pal is pleased to report that the vehicle arrived in one piece and the client was thrilled with his purchase experience.  Car Pal cannot exceed our customer’s expectations without this kind of cooperative collaboration from the selling dealer or individual.

But back to Chad.  When Chad is not selling cars for Flow Automotive Companies and comparing his height to Peyton Manning’s height ;), he is a devoted husband, father of four, talented musician and the praise team coordinator for Beck’s Baptist Church in Winston Salem.

In a very brief telephone interview last week with one of our Car Pal associates, Nicholas Steen, here is how Chad answered the following question concerning his religious beliefs vis á vis his work with Flow Motors.

Q.  What is the intersection of your faith and your work – how does one impact the other and vice versa?

A: That’s an interesting question to ask. To start, I’m not a spokesperson for the Flow organization so please understand that what I’m about to say represents my own opinion and doesn’t represent the beliefs of the Flow organization. If you want to hear that, you’d have to ask Don Flow himself.

For me, Scripture illuminates my duties towards God, and to my fellow humans. Scripture says to do everything you do as unto the Lord, and so I personally try accomplish my duties here at Flow like that. I came to work to Flow companies because Don Flow’s organization, even though it is not set up as a faith based organization, uses principles that are taken directly from scripture. To work for Don’s organization, we have to sign a covenant that states we will always do right by the customer. I personally treat that promise as a promise to treat my customers with respect and kindness, to be responsive, and to basically treat them as I would my own family.

The Flow organization is not a religious organization, but the company’s goals and objectives resonate with my personal beliefs as a Christian. I’ve never been asked that question except for one other time.

I work for Flow for 3 reasons. First, as I described earlier, the customer comes first and is always, always, our number one priority. Second, Flow values its employees and values the flow of the employees work/life balance. Third, Flow, like its employees, is committed to doing business and bettering the communities in which its employees work and live.

I try to operate within that work-life spectrum, where measures of grace and compassion help us take care of the customer and take care of our daily routine. I am very proud of our pledge. I am committed to welcoming every customer like a guest, demonstrating that we are committed to those principles in everything we do. We want to do everything with excellence and with respect for every member of our organization.

Flow is not a religious organization, but many of the tenets of our pledge align with those found in Scripture. Don Flow, the owner and chairperson of Flow companies, (which is all of the franchises that he owns and operates,) is a man of faith and spoke recently at the GLS. If you find Don Flow on twitter, you’re going to find many of his quotes and posts are faith based. I don’t want to say that we are overtly a faith based organization – we just try to do the best we possibly can by our customers, and try to make the cities in which our customers reside better to work in, and better to live in.

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