Dear Lindsay….These are the cars I’m considering

We always love to hear from our customers, especially those with special requests. Jeff Ready, from Indianapolis, Indiana, sent us this message a few years ago and we thought it was worth sharing. Jeff is currently purchasing his third car through Car-Pal. Jeff is the CEO of Scale Computing, a top-ranked tech leader and proof that nice guys don’t finish last.

Hi Lindsay,

Thank you for getting back to me about my requests. I thought I would provide some context for my dream car.

My first car

Jeff Ready 010

It’s the 1991 Plymouth Sundance, Gold – formerly known as “The Dance”. Hey Ladies, check this out! When this one gave up the ghost, I wrote a full obituary for it. Loved and adored by many, with a full 105 hp! Not the original wheels… because… weird. I lost 4 sets of hubcaps from the original wheels and I got sick of replacing them, so I pimped out “The Dance” with these beauties.

Next up was…

Jeff Ready 003

1998 Mazda MX6, green, manual. If that rear spoiler wasn’t there, I’m sure it would have flown right off the road, don’t let the fact that it was FWD fool you, that spoiler mattered! This is before I bought aftermarket wheels that were a bit larger since these are clearly too small. Zoom zoom.

Then I drove…

Jeff Ready 004

2001 Nissan Pathfinder, grey. I was especially a fan of the rear door vertical handle, because, you know, weird. Rode like a truck, 4×4 in the snow was great. 4×4 differential leaking crap on the ground, not so great. 12 mpg when 4×4 is active, not so great. And all of this during the 2008-ish gas price spike, not so great, and makes this the only car that was still functional when I got rid of it.

Followed by…

Jeff Ready 001

And finally the 2006 Acura TL. Would have loved the AWD upgrade the following year, since this handled like crap in the snow. Then I discovered Blizzak tires, which I’m convinced are made of alien material that would allow me to drive straight up the ice wall from Game of Thones. What’s that you ask? Are those aftermarket black wheels with a red pinstripe? Why yes, yes they are. Because, you know, weird. Too bad the new Acura’s have a front grill that looks like a toothless meth addict, because otherwise I’d might consider that. Also worth nothing that this body style does look a bit like a BMW… with red striped wheels… when squinting from a distance.

So…what should I drive now?

Jeff Ready 005

In my searching I found this available in Kentucky, which will hold you, your commanding officer, and up to 6 of your well armed friends in the back. Not sure what happened to the “doors.” It does satisfy the weird requirement.

I’m kinda digging this one…

Jeff Ready 002

Then there is this beauty, for sale 2.5 hours away from me… for $48k… for a car where a single dent requires a full panel replacement… that needs to be custom fabricated. Maybe my wife will let me just park it in the basement as a show piece. Weird? Check! And gull wing doors! Woot woot!

Here’s a bluety….

Jeff Ready 006

Chevy Volt as discussed. And my bumpersticker plan alone makes this worthwhile. Normally I’d look at a black car but in this case they have a weird blue, and I think only in the current model year and I dont want to spend $40k on a bumpersticker holder. On the other hand if you can find someone to take a used one for cheap, and do some body work to change those Chevy badges to something else (Hello, Lotus!) then that could be pretty epic…

There’s also this…

Jeff Ready 007

BMW 328i xdrive. I like the idea of AWD. I imagine I’d get a black one if I go this route. Prob prefer black interior mostly because it will hide the stains from the 2 weeks worth of McDonald’s wrappers I usually have in the passenger seat as a result of my high end executive lunches.

James Bond would be proud…

My name’s Bond. James Bond. Weird – check! Of course I know I guy in the UK who had one of these and he told me “It’s a beautiful car, inside and out. I love to sit in it, which is good because on most days it won’t actually move, and not for lack of trying!”

And let’s not forget….

Jeff Ready 008

Perhaps the 185hp stick shift hot-hatchback will help with the ladies… when the Delorean takes me to the past and I can deliver this to my 18 year old self in lieu of the Sundance… Perhaps at 43 years old this will make me look as ridiculous as I did when I was driving that Sundance at 18… Nostalgia!

This could be a challenge – both to find and to get past my wife’s approval…

What I will tell my wife I’m considering while we figure this out…

Jeff Ready 009

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