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Finding the Best Car-Buying Service for You

LendingTree Takes Notice Of Car Pal and Our Consumer-Centric Car-Buying Service

  • Car Pal’s consumer-orientated business model is quite innovative in the marketplace.
  • We’ve been been business for over 15 years and our clients always tell their friends and family that we’re the best car-buying service.
  • But many people don’t know a car-buying service like ours exists and are quite delighted to find us!
  • Because of this, we are always happy when other organizations take notice of our approach.

Jenn Jones wrote a comprehensive LendingTree article entitled “Finding the Best Car-Buying Service for You” which gives a great overview of the whole car-buying service marketplace and how Car Pal fits into it.

We’ve excerpted some of the key points below.

Having someone else find and negotiate your next car purchase may sound like a fantasy. Car-buying services come in many different flavors, from a concierge service that costs hundreds but delivers a car and contract to your door, to free member services you may already qualify for and not know it. We’ll walk you through the different types and how to find the best car-buying service for you.

Concierge services: Best for those who want someone else to handle the car buying.

Car broker services: Best for those who want to go car shopping with an expert.

Member services: Best for those who want a free service that locates and prices a car.

Online car-buying sites: Best for those who don’t mind some (digital) legwork.

LendingTree on Car-Buying Services

Similar to a concierge, a car broker can help you find your vehicle and negotiate for you or give negotiating advice on any aspect of car buying. Yet one may be hard to find.

LendingTree on Car Pal

Car Pal helps buyers find a new or used car, and like Auto Authority, services are on a sliding scale: the more expensive the car, the higher the fee: $695 for cars below $35,000, $895 for cars above $35,000.

It also will evaluate a deal you’ve found on your own β€” if Car Pal can beat it, you split the difference. You could also hire its CEO for a one-hour consultation for $200 or car-buying coaching for $400.

LendingTree asks “Is a car-buying service worth it?”

A car-buying service of any flavor might save you time, effort and, just maybe, cash. Which one you choose depends on your zest for legwork versus your budget.


* Skip the stress and pressure you might feel at the dealership
* Your could get a better deal than negotiating on your own
* Maximize the benefit of services you may be paying for already such as a warehouse club


* There’s usually a cost involved when you could negotiate on your own, free
* The savings might not outweigh the fees.
* Car selections might be limited to the provider’s inventory

LendingTree sums up the benefits of car-buying services

It may be worth it to hire a concierge car-buying service or a car broker if you feel extremely nervous and pressured at a dealership. It might not only prevent you from having to go through the experience, but may also save you money overall.

If you aren’t as concerned by pressure sales tactics, a member service or online car-buying site could make it easier to find your car and get a fair price on it, while leaving the rest up to you.

LendingTree: Finding the Best Car-Buying Service for You
LendingTree: Finding the Best Car-Buying Service for You

If you’re looking for the best car-buying service, look no further! You’ve found it! We here at Car Pal look forward to helping you find the best deal at the best price. We negotiate with dealers on your behalf so you don’t have to.

For more information, please see the original LendingTree Article “Finding the Best-Buying Service for You.

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