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Five Reasons Why a Toyota Purchase (can be) So Complicated

I want to buy a Toyota.
Why is it so complicated?
Five top reasons cited from a former Toyota Dealer and Current Car Buyer’s Agent:

1.  Sorting through true and false.  If an employee or sales person is new to Toyota, which is often the case, they simply (and understandably) do not have all of the answers.  And sometimes, they make up the answers.  And sometimes those answers are incorrect.

2.  The packages and accessories which accompany each model often do not make any sense.  Even to sensible people.  For example, you can not assume because it is the most expensive model, that a given Toyota will then have an upgraded radio.  Back in the late 1990’s, a $45,000 dollar Sequoia did not necessarily come equipped with keyless entry.  (True story!)

3.  Sorting through each available package for each available model can be challenging even for a rocket scientist.  (Most of our clients have an aptitude equivalent to that of a rocket scientist, and/or ARE rocket scientists… so they –Car Pal clients– can confirm this statement as well!)

4.  Dealer trades.  Because Toyota buyers are also discerning buyers, they want what they want and aren’t likely to “settle” for what is on the lot.  Therefore, since Murphy’s Law is at play, the vehicle a client wants is on another dealer’s lot.  For this reason, many brand new vehicles will have more than expected miles on the odometer.  While this is the norm for Toyota, it is also confusing for the buyer who was expecting a “NEW” car.

5.  Toyota colors.  While not complicated, sometimes it is simply disappointing that there are truly no interesting colors from which to chose.  This can make decision-making more challenging, because if color is an important component to the “WOW” factor of making a such a relatively large purchase, the lack of color options can take some of the fun out of the entire transaction.

Do I drive a Toyota?  Yes?  
Do I love it?  Yes!  
Was it complicated to purchase!  yes!
Regarding the purchase, I had to install aftermarket leather (which is super nice), heated seats (which I love) and fog lights, because there was no way to get those accessories without jumping up to a trim level that had other features I had no interest in paying for.

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