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How To Choose a Reputable and Reliable Car Concierge in 2020

Do you know the qualities of a reputable and reliable car concierge who will look out for you and your needs? Here’s what you should look for.

1. Experience

Your professional car concierge should have worked in the car business, and specifically sales, for at least some period of time. This will give them the perspective “from the other side” which is useful for many reasons. Negotiations, vehicle availability, and ability to visualize what is likely happening at the dealership level as you, the buyer, and your agent proceed with your search and purchase planning.

2. Customer Advocacy

Find an individual who was a customer advocate while they were working in the car business. Someone who brags, “I used to rip people’s heads off, now I’m reformed and here to help you and punish the dealerships,” is probably not such a great idea. First of all, there is no reason to have negativity involved in your purchase process. Second of all, it should do nothing to attract you to this team.

Since a car purchase with a buyer’s agent is essentially teamwork, then teaming up with the former “enemy,” so to speak, would not be too wise. It is both vital and important that your agent has always been on the customer’s side; otherwise, scrutinize this person’s motivation for suddenly being on your side after years of taking advantage of consumers’ car shopping ignorance.

3. Listening Skills

Your agent should be a good listener. A car buying service should employ only those who have your agenda as top of mind. If you are looking for guidance, that’s wonderful, but the guidance should be based entirely on what the company’s representative hearswhen listening closely to your requirements. Though many customers won’t always know specifically what they are looking for, each buyer has a reasonable idea of their needs. The focus should always be on your needs.

4. Communication Skills

Make sure your concierge is an excellent communicator. Effective and efficient progress towards—and ultimate arrival at—getting you or your loved one into a new vehicle does require clear communications. Because so many errors and gaffes can theoretically be made during the purchase process, an effective communicator’s work on your behalf will mitigate potential problems when you go to pick up or receive your vehicle.

5. Vehicle Familiarity

Though it would not be reasonable to expect your agent to be an expert on all makes and models, vehicle familiarity is not only a plus, it is a necessity. See what types of cars and trucks your agent generally works with, and make sure that the one you might purchase is a vehicle that your agent has at least some familiarity with. This will be particularly useful if you begin to get cross-eyed while studying all the different trim levels available to you. A car concierge can help sort out your needs vs. wants, and ensure that you don’t buy more vehicle than you actually need.

If you have questions about any of these essential car concierge personal qualities, don’t hesitate to give us a call (336) 601-6390 or contact us on the contact form.

Happy travels!

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