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“I Don’t Need a Car Buyer’s Agent, I can do this Myself!”


Since my favorite activity outside of cars happens to be tennis, I am going to use a tennis example to demonstrate the ignorance of this common comment regarding a car purchase and negotiations.  I have always said, Car Pal’s best clients are those that know what they don’t know.  So here’s my example, but first the common comment, “I can do this myself, I don’t need help from a Car Buyer’s Agent!”  
    I am a 3.5 tennis player, and my aspiration is to play 4.0.  I can do one of two things: I can decide that I know enough to become a 4.0 on my own, and see how quickly I get there.  Or, I can study winning tennis strategy and tennis techniques online, and see how quickly I become a 4.0.  OR I can hire an expert.  For me to say, well, “I can do this myself”  or, “I want to do this myself,”  is, of course, all perfectly correct.  I can do it all by myself.  HOWEVER, an expert can get me there quicker and streamline the process, because he or she is an expert!
   Recently, my friend’s wife leased a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.  He urged her to use Car Pal to negotiate the best deal.  Her response was, “I can do this myself!”  Well, of course she can!  ANYONE can negotiate a car deal on their own, I’ve said that since day one that Car Pal opened its doors in 2010.  However, she left about THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS on the table.  The good news is, she did it on her own, just like she wanted to do.  The bad news is, had she hired Car Pal, she would never have “spent” the $695 fee, because it would have come out of her net savings!  
     So, while it is quite true that I could be stubborn and tell my tennis coach that I’m going to learn to be a 4.0 on my own, my common sense tells me that I will continue to pay an expert.  Could I do it on my own?  Of course I can!  But it may take me a couple of extra years, or maybe even an extra decade, and you know what?  I simply don’t feel that it’s efficient nor sensible to waste all that time.  
    Now you ask yourself, “I see the similarities and the parallels here between tennis and car buying… HOWEVER, surely it is not precisely the same!?”  
    Right again!  It generally costs some big bucks (over time) to have private tennis coaching.  However, Car Pal’s fees ONLY come from our clients’ overall savings, so our clients never actually invest a penny into this supreme car buying assistance!
    A blog is not about tooting one’s own horn.  But I could NOT resist using this example of the “I can do this by myself and spend more money” mentality.  
    For more examples of car buying and tennis, please feel free to click here to get to our ever so educational and entertaining Car Pal videos that take place on the tennis courts!  

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