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Is It Easy to Buy a Car Using the Internet?


An internet purchase is supposed to be easy, right?   Well, at the right dealership it is.  One of a Car Buyer’s Agent’s responsibilities is to discern where a purchase can be made without a hassle, and where we (Car Pal and the client as a team) might have to jump through fire encircled hoops to complete a mutually satisfying transaction.  

Here, below, Car Pal posed (by email) as one of its clients, a 23 year old professional who will be purchasing a $44,000 USD Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.  She hired Car Pal to avoid the hassle, and below is a portion of the most recent exchange with a “fine” dealership that didn’t find it necessary to cooperate with the idea of making this an “easy” transaction for us.  

In the example below, it was all about the dealer’s bonus, the dealer’s agenda, the dealer’s paycheck. 🙁

(best read in reverse order, meaning bottom email up to here below the asterisks)

well, it is all about you, isn’t it?  Nice to know.



bcc to Becky, get a load of this guy!  It’s about him and not us, gotta love it!

From: Autopark Chrysler Jeep <>
Sent: Sunday, December 1, 2013 10:09 PM
Subject: Important Message on the vehicle you want! Item IN:180642271 . .

The great “deal” only has validity when you know when to take advantage of it.  It’s my job to let you know when that is.   That’s why I pushed for today.  I ended my month missing this deal and it cost me. 3 times what it would selling it in December.  So I guess I loose. Thanks for the reply.  Good night. 

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On Dec 1, 2013, at 8:41 PM, “” <> wrote:

From: Lindsay Graham
Ben, you are not convenient to my house,  Sport Durst in Durham, NC is close to my house, and I don’t care for them.  Today, they put 8 K in my Scion TC trade in, “ACV” they called it.  Whatever that means…  I drove the 2014 Overland, I am in love with it, but I am in sales/banking, I am not a payment buyer to be manipulated, I am a payment buyer knowing what I will and will not accept for my trade.  I don’t remember anything about a “dirty” carfax, but criticizing it (my Scion)is kind of a simplistic way to run a business.  I have bought my last three cars entirely over the internet, without going to the location until it was time to pick up my vehicle.  I’m not sure why suddenly you think this is not how many people buy cars?  These days, most people (my peers, and my parents’ peers) don’t have time to haggle over price at a car dealership, they prefer to zip it up on email or by phone and go pick up the car having sent driver’s license and insurance card in advance.  That you’re not familiar with this process as an internet manager defies my every ability to process the ease at which a business transaction such as this one takes place these days with the click of a button.

Sorry you feel the way you do.  If we agree on price, I will bring you my trade, you can see it with your own eyes, I will see what you have with my own eyes, and we will wrap it up.  Barring that, I have better things to do with my time than run around from dealership to dealership.  I contacted you because you had what I wanted on your lot AND because I don’t want to do business with Sport Durst.  However, Neanderthal selling techniques don’t fly with me.  

If that sounds critical, I’m sorry, but the “dirty” car fax reference was a rather ignorant way of putting it, and yes, it offended me.  I would no more buy a car just because it has a clean car fax (it could be wrecked and not reported to DMV for insurance reasons… eg: owner wanted to pay out of pocket.  AND the same vehicle could also have a Carfax blemish, as I told you mine does, and be nothing more than tripping into a ditch at 35 mph with NO frame damage whatever)   

You are the experts, if you cannot overcome a potential buyer’s objection over the “dirty” car fax as you called it, then you definitely don’t need my trade. I will sell it myself and do business with you after I complete the sale by owner.  I’m not in a rush.  The only one insisting on THIS weekend for a purchase was you.  I always thought it was about the client’s agenda, not the saleperson’s… but clearly I am naive.


This was in response to his email that said:  
You mentioned wed and Sunday. You mentioned 8k and the we found a dirty carfax.  So without driving it and falling in love with it you are a payment buyer and I told you it looked good. 8k is strong $ and the carfax put a kink in the deal. That being said you mentioned setting a time of 3:45 Sunday and confirming in Saturday. I need you here.  Brain deals are not the way to get what you want.  A customer in the showroom ready to buy today was the way.  That being said I’m sure that Monday is our day ?   What time are we gonna wrap this up? 
*editor’s note, this is Ben’s grammar and spelling, not the editor’s…

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