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A Comprehensive Guide To The Home Vehicle Delivery Process

By Lindsay Graham | June 17, 2021

To most consumers, the long-distance car buying and home vehicle delivery process is a complete mystery. We’ll explain how it works, step-by-step….

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## Warning: Don’t Trust Bargain Car Prices You See Online

By Lindsay Graham | May 5, 2021

Word of the Day: tregetour – juggler, trickster, deceiver So many times, people see good looking online car prices that make them…

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Buying a Car? 4 Questions to Answer BEFORE Going to the Dealer

Buying a Car? 4 Helpful Questions to Answer BEFORE Going to the Dealer

By Lindsay Graham | March 2, 2021

When buying a car, we know on some level that this major purchase is all about our own and/or your family’s needs….

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Buying a used vehicle from out of town or out of state is easy with Car Pal's help.

Checklist For Buying A Used Vehicle From Out Of Town Or Out Of State In 2021

By Lindsay Graham | March 2, 2021

Using the internet, many used car buyers go out of town or even out of state to purchase a used or pre-owned vehicle. This can be a good way to find a far better vehicle than you might find locally; or in many cases, a better overall deal in terms of vehicle, miles, and price. Here’s how it works….

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CarGurus V. Car Pal: Online Brokers Aren't What They Seem

CarGurus v. Car Pal: Online Brokers Aren’t What They Seem

By Lindsay Graham | March 1, 2021

When you search for car-buying services, you’ll see lots of options, including CarGurus, TrueCar,, and Costco. These auto-buying companies are very aggressive in gaining your business, but they’re much less aggressive in protecting you from bad deals….

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The Lowdown On Auto Insurance in 2021 and How To Steer Clear of Steep Rate Increases

By Susan Docktor | February 10, 2021

Everybody knows that when insurance companies issue you a policy, they take your driving record into account. And that makes sense. How…

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# Best Hat EVER!

By Matthew Fass | January 13, 2021

## At Car Pal, we are ever conscious of fashion trends. Meet our fashionable and hysterically funny clients Marna and Jim who…

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Avoid this Mistake - Car Brokers are NOT Car Buyers Agents

Avoid this Mistake – Car Brokers are NOT Car Buyers Agents – What to Know in 2021

By Lindsay Graham | January 5, 2021

There’s a big difference between a car broker and a car buyer’s agent. Many brokers promote themselves as buyers’ agents, but in reality, they receive payment from dealerships as well as car buyers. Know the facts, so you can get your best deal!…

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What does it take to be a good car buyer's agent?

Is It Worth it to Pay a Car Buyer’s Agent?

By Lindsay Graham | November 11, 2020

Is it worth to pay a car buyer’s agent? When you break down what we handle, suddenly our fee seems like a small price to pay for all the supervision we provide to our clients….

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