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Make a $200 Good Faith Deposit

This "Pay Now" button is for Full ServiceBeat Your Best Deal* and DIY with Car Pal Coaching

*$200 deposit for Beat Your Best Deal is because we are 100% certain (or your money back) that we will beat your best deal on the exact vehicle you want by $400 or more.

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Here is the easy "Balance Due" button for use on the day you receive your vehicle. Please select the option which coordinates with your specific agreement with Car Pal.

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Our Fees Explained

Full Service Fees for New, Used and Leased Cars:

$695 for vehicles with MSRP under $35,000 - new, used or lease
$895 for vehicles with MSRP above $35,000
100% money back guarantee (restrictions apply*).
*We have been lucky enough in the past 12 years to have been exploited for our hard work only.1% of the time. 99.9% of the time, our clients pay the final balance due to Car Pal. However, because a few of our clients have benefited from our valuable work hours and then finished the deal on their own, we now have certain restrictions on our contract. Please contact us for details.


$195 to maximize your trade value
If you plan to trade in a vehicle, this is handled as a separate transaction. We guarantee a minimum of $500 more for your trade than you've been quoted.

Beat your Best Deal

FREE -- unless we can beat it.
If we fail to beat your deal, you have peace of mind. If we beat your best deal, we split the additional savings with you. Email or fax your deal worksheet from the dealer for this service. Fully refundable $200.00 good faith deposit is required to get started on Beat Your Best Deal.

Car Pal Consulting Services

Up to one hour (email, phone, and/or combination of phone and email) consulting services. This fee will cover one hour of emails and/or telephone calls which will ultimately save you valuable time, and definitely at least twice the cost of the consulting fee when you make your new or used car purchase.