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Maxwell Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo, Burlington, NC


Car Pal Car Buying Services, a national car buying service and car buyer’s agent had an AWESOME experience working with Mark Manning, internet manager and his sales associate, Thomas Tulley at Maxwell Subaru, VW, Volvo in Burlington, NC this week.  Our clients were looking at Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet and Subaru for a period of about four months.  Though all vehicles that they looked at were high quality, and all of the associates were good, we believe it was Mark Manning’s smooth internet operation that made the difference and resulted in the client’s final car buying decision which was to buy a 2012 Subaru Outback.  

With so many great products, the decision was not an easy one, but Mark believes in offering unparalleled customer service including speedy response time to emails and lightening fast follow-up.  One might assume that these qualities would be a natural part of any car dealership’s internet department, but one would be wrong!  Because Mark ran a prosperous company for twelve years prior to getting into the car business, he has a way above average grasp on the positive rewards that are reaped when the customer’s needs, and not the dealer’s needs are the number one priority.  Mark also has a wonderful sense of humor that has at its core, a way above average intelligence level driving it, so it is both amusing and refreshing.

Though Car Pal would like prospective Subaru, VW and Volvo buyers in the Research Triangle Park and Triad, NC area to use Car Pal when they make their purchase (to benefit from the extra volume discounts offered by Maxwell to Car Pal), it is likely that Maxwell will be the first car dealership contacted!

Thank you again Mark, for putting so much energy into your customer service.  You make every customer feel like they are your only customer, and that is a fine art!

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