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Meet Our Car Pals


Maxim Glass, Austin, TX

How did you become so interested in helping others find the perfect new or used car (automobile) at the perfect price?
It probably started with my fondness for collecting hot wheels. I have loved cars since I was a little kid. My father would take me to the auto shows every year, and I ran gleefully from manufacturer to manufacturer, hopping in the brand new cars. That was the early ‘90s, and I still have that love for cars.

Over the next decade, my father took me with him on test drives — even if he didn’t plan to buy at the time. What kid in Florida is going to say “no thanks” to a ride in a 1986 Mercedes 560SL convertible? These times were so much fun for me! One car my father did purchase was a 1963 Bentley S, and I still remember the feeling of riding around in that beautiful car.

When it was time for me to start driving, I inherited the family Volvo with over 200,000 miles on it. I took such pride in that car that I washed it every week. The neighbors all noticed how good it looked. Next thing you know, I was washing their cars, too! By word of mouth I had a pretty decent auto-detailing business going. I enjoyed detailing cars, and still do. More recently I worked at a mechanic’s garage, just to learn the basics and gain some experience working on cars.

I am known as a dyed-in-the-wool car guy. I am also approachable. As an obvious result, my friends always consult me first before purchasing their cars. They ask my opinions, have me go with them to check out the car, or to try to find them the best deal. I am excited to share this expertise with Car Pal and, more importantly, help our customers get great deals on cars they love.

Alex Boswell, Cary, NC


Alex is mostly a behind-the-scenes guy. But his work can easily be considered center stage!

Car Pal learned about Alex at a pool party back in 2012, at which his “agent” was talking about his impressive car acumen.

Over a year later, we bumped into Alex again. It was a random meeting, but after talking to him for only a few minutes, we were impressed and wanted to integrate him into Car Pal’s car concierge/car buying services. He turned out to be the same person who had been described so outstandingly at the pool party nearly sixteen months prior!

The rest, as they say, is history! Alex Boswell has been with Car Pal as a Car Buyer’s Agent since November, 2013. He has found perfect vehicles for many clients since then, including a hard-to-find, needle-in-the-haystack truck in Georgia for a client in Virginia; another impossible-to-find Ford F250 in Fayetteville, NC for a couple in Durham, NC; and a Land Cruiser in Texas for a client in Washington, DC. The list goes on! We and our clients are fortunate to have Alex on our team!