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National Car Buying Service

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Save Money and Time.

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We will put you together with your next new or used car at the best price, whether it’s down the street or across the country. We’ll protect your time and your wallet as we help you buy or lease—without cutting corners.

Why negotiate with salespeople who do not work for you when you can hire one of the most nationally-recognized car buyer's agents (and her capable team) to work on your behalf?

The amount you will save with Car Pal will more than cover our fee, and then some— and you get the vehicle of your dreams.

Car Pal. Your national car buying service.

How It Works

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Step 1

Contact Car Pal by phone, email or use our form at the bottom of the page.

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Step 2

Select a vehicle (with assistance from Car Pal, if needed). Go on test drives arranged by Car Pal, as necessary.

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Step 3

Pick up your car (or have it delivered to you) after Car Pal has found the perfect match, established the absolute best available pricing and handled all of the logistics on your behalf.


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Tip #5 today – they are getting good! 😀 Stay tuned! We’ll Find You Your Dream Car Avoid the Dealership Hassles Schedule Your Free Consultation Sign up to receive our insider’s knowledge on purchasing a car.

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Robert Rossi
Robert Rossi
google img

I consider myself a pretty savvy car buyer, but when I wanted a plug-in hybrid vehicle not sold in my state, I was very nervous about buying it at a distance and getting it shipped cross-country. Looking for help with that led me to Car Pal, and once I learned what they offered for their modest fee and I had looked into Car Pal's reputation and reviews, I was willing to give it a try. I am so glad I did! Lindsay is an auto purchasing guru, and it's amazing to have someone with inside knowledge on YOUR team for a change! She and her colleagues got me the (very specific!) car I wanted, at a great price, and had it delivered to me safe and sound. I would enlist their help again in a heartbeat. It was so much less painful than my planned cross-country trip to pick up the car, sweating whether a dealer who promised me something online would stick to it once I was in their presence, nevermind listening to them try to sell me extended warranties and other stuff like that for a few hours. There are cases where paying for expert help is a great investment...this is one of them, and Car Pal is the best value I know of for that kind of expert help. Bonus: They are really nice people!

Mallory Zachary
Mallory Zachary
Car Pal Logo New January 2020

You handle the processes that many people detest, and some how, you do it with a smile and make the process as smooth as purchasing and transporting an vehicle can be. For those reasons and a plethora of other reason, I will definitely purchase my next vehicle with you. I recommend anyone who's thinking of purchasing a vehicle to go with Lindsay. She will make the process as smooth as possible and save you lots of money, all while being as cheerful as possible.

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    Penny Muccia
    google img

    Lindsay took care of me like I was a family member. I never imagined that this would be the outcome. In 24 hours not only did she find me a car but an unbelievable deal. I never had to step foot out of my door until the car arrived. I had been dreading having to go car shopping. This was the easiest thing I have ever done. I saved days or weeks of stress !! There is no reason to visit a showroom again. I test drove the car. Then got out and signed the e-papers. What an absolute pleasure. Service with the care of someone passionate about serving others. Lindsay- you have a servants heart. Everyone deserves a car-pal!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • AOh14Gj1O4nxC4 kUSFY5kF2jnMT9qA8YsjC0she3txUJQ=s40 c0x00000000 cc rp
    doug norrie
    google img

    I worked with the Car Pal team to find a Toyota Tundra pickup and the experience couldn't have been better. Lindsay walked through every step of the transaction and handled almost all of the details when it came to communicating with dealerships. Would most definitely recommend this service.

  • AOh14GjBhHFVjBCJ1TrmK XgOYIKI qg043qn4YyCX9dJg=s40 c0x00000000 cc rp
    JoJo Witt
    google img

    The most pleasant process of buying a car I've ever experienced! Hands down - this is how I will purchase a vehicle from now on. Lindsay and her team were amazing. They made our purchase seamless and incredibly fast. Within a few days our the initial consultation of brand, model and particulars, a car was found meeting all of our criteria and more. Not to mention saving us a ton of time, travel, haggling and $$. The dealership who delivered our car was an extension of true professionalism and a delight to deal with as well. Thank you so much Lindsay and the Car Pal team. 🙂

  • AOh14GgZ3ItaBUnKAiluEiCFRfuueVRDvIOzTCDAjjKySg=s40 c0x00000000 cc rp
    Lydia Brown
    google img

    Car-pal helped me every step of the way and absolutely went above and beyond to ensure that I found the perfect vehicle. They took away all the stress and anxiety that about buying my first car, and I still feel supported because they are there to help after you’ve already settled into your new vehicle. I am extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend Car-pal!

  • AOh14Gh9qe6 431uC1 neyo1vLidh8s5aa7oajAFweqvZr8=s40 c0x00000000 cc rp ba4
    Tim Dierks
    google img

    I wanted to buy a new car, but didn't want to deal with BS from dealers. I work a lot and have a family and don't have the time to go and shop and haggle. I tried engaging with dealers over email and it was a disaster; they all just wanted me to come in. When complaining to my brother about it he told me just to hire Lindsay at Car Pal. I emailed her and the result was 100% different: she's a consummate professional, easy to work with, and very customer-focused. And because I am paying her, I know she's working for me.She got me a better price than I ever would have gotten myself and I never even spoke to a dealer: a few days later a truck showed up at my wife's office and delivered her brand new car. Her fee paid for itself, between getting me a lower price and less time and hassle. I'll never buy a car the old way again. I've recommended Car Pal and Lindsay to friends and colleagues and they've been happy every time.

  • AOh14GgxRp64KzEqRnsgp3dpL2AIA99 jsHVR2e8i8RpBY4=s40 c0x00000000 cc rp ba3
    Tudor Leu
    google img

    We had an excellent experience buying our first car with Lindsay! She was super thorough, super responsive, negotiated aggressively on our behalf, and ensured that the logistics of the transaction with the dealer and the shipper went smoothly. We got a very good deal on exactly the car we wanted (a Subaru Forester, which is short supply at the moment), with the trim and options we wanted. All in a short time. The only part of the buying process that I had to leave my home for was to walk around the corner and receive the car from the shipper. I highly recommend Lindsay and her team at Car Pal.

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