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We will put you together with your next new or used car at the best price, whether it’s down the street or across the country. We’ll protect your time and your wallet as we help you buy or lease—without cutting corners.

Why negotiate with salespeople who do not work for you when you can hire one of the most nationally-recognized car buyer's agents (and her capable team) to work on your behalf?

The amount you will save with Car Pal will more than cover our fee, and then some— and you get the vehicle of your dreams.

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“Great to know about this. Happy to have a place to refer friends and family for trustworthy and positive car buying experiences.”
—Claudia in Upstate NY

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Step 1

Contact Car Pal by phone, email or use our form at the bottom of the page.

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Step 2

Select a vehicle. Car Pal is happy to help with this as needed!

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Step 3

Pick up your car (or have it delivered to you) after Car Pal has found the perfect match, established the absolute best available pricing and handled all of the logistics on your behalf.


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Ariella Wruble
August 29, 2022

Buying a car can be a stressful and tedious process...unless you work with Lindsay and her team! We got a new car for the best deal, and sold our two existing cars- all in a span of a few weeks! We are so grateful and could not recommend Car Pal more. The name could not be more accurate- you'll get a car and a new pal in Lindsay!

Jesse White
August 29, 2022

I just finished purchasing a car with Car Pal's assistance. The entire process went smoothly without a hitch. I had been overwhelmed with looking for a car within my budget that would also be reliable. Phil and Lindsay worked hard on my behalf to locate and vet a car that met my exact needs and wishes, and it runs beautifully. The price for the their services was more than made up for with the peace of mind and positive experience I had. I highly recommend them if like me you're not familiar with cars or worry you can't find what you need within your budget. Great people to work with. Can't recommend them enough.

Cynthia Holmes
August 3, 2022

Linsday was EXCEPTIONAL to work with!! We laughed together, we cried together, and we got the car of our dreams within a week!!! It really felt like the stars aligned that we got referred to her and her team, and everything just fell into place from there - with a lot of blood, sweat and LOVE from them!! It's a process that we never would've managed without them in the amount of time that they were able to make things happen and we can't thank her enough!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in this market - we wouldn't do it any other way.

Gregory Brooks
June 12, 2022

Car-Pal. Never heard of it. None of my friends or family had heard of it. No one I talked to had a clue. That said, it worked for me. I was in the market for a used vehicle. I did not want to deal with a salesman. I then thought...'is there a such thing as a car broker?' Someone who can speak for you and someone with an insiders mind to car sales. After searching Google..."VooWahLa!!!!" Car-Pal! My journey began in March of 2022 and concluded on June 6, 2022 with my vehicle being delivered to my front drive. This was waayy longer than their norm ( about 2-4 weeks). I wanted a particular model, with options, at a particular price. When you have those particulars, your time line is going to be stretched...quite a bit. Whew, it was a journey. The mastermind of Car-Pal is Lindsey Graham, CEO, who is brilliant at the inner workings of the car sales industry. She had me to work with Phil Clack and believe me when I say, he was with me every step of the way. Everyday I spoke with him, he told me something that was never on my radar about the used car industry and things to look out for when dealing with...excuse me, preowned vehicles. He is an excellent compliment and asset to Lindsey. We spoke at least 3-4 times per week, sometimes even 2-3 times a day! We researched in Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Michigan, California, Illinois, and Georgia, just to name a few. Finally, Florida, which is where the completion was made (That's a story in itself). Long story short, It worked for me. I got the vehicle I wanted, with the options I wanted, in the price range I wanted, without the headaches of dealing with the often over exaggerated, pushy, lying, in a rush to get a sale no matter what, used car salesman. That alone is worth any extra you may pay elsewhere. I could on and on but for the sake of those who may be skeptical, I was too. However, I would recommend Car-Pal to anyone who needs a peace of mind when searching for a used...excuse me, a preowned vehicle. Trying to search for a used car? Time consuming. Dealing with Car-Pal...Priceless.

Kari Turcogeorge
June 10, 2022

Within the last year, we have acquired 3 cars using Car Pal's most excellent service: we have purchased a new Toyota Highlander and a previously owned Lincoln. Last week, Lindsay and team helped my daughter lease a Toyota Corolla. New, used or leased- the process was simple and efficient, the team work unparalleled, and the fun factor was huge. One simply cannot say any of those things about the standard, car-acquiring processes. There's no going directly through a dealership for a vehicle for anyone in this family. Ever Again. I cannot say enough about Lindsay and her company-

May 1, 2022

The car buying process is never fun, and now made especially no fun in the current market. Lindsay at Car Pal made it fun. The car I wanted is only sold out of state and she found me one with no dealer mark-ups and no dealer add-ons. I absolutely cannot recommend Cal Pal enough. Thank you Lindsay!

J Linder
February 28, 2022

WHAT A GIFT..CarPal LLC . such a time and sanity saver. Trying to wrap my head around this crazy car market ( new car sales games to learn and nothing much to buy for bloated prices) LINDSAY GRAHAM and team to the rescue. In just 30 hours Lindsay had my needle in a haystack vehicle on my driveway, full of gas with a crazy low interest rate. She is like a body guard..clearing the path .. whisking us through the best options. BOOM done.. Love my new car.

Jennifer Horney
February 25, 2022

Have you ever thought after car buying, "That was great!"? Well, fear not, you will the next time if you work with CarPal! They make it so very easy for you to get exactly what you are looking for!

Mara Raskin
February 13, 2022


Rich Siegel
January 24, 2022

My wife and I were looking to buy a Nissan Leaf, and in the wake of an absolutely horrendous experience at a local dealership, we did an online search for concierge car buying services, and found Car Pal. Lindsay was instantly responsive, supportive, and helpful. She and Phil worked harder for us than we could have imagined, and were able to find exactly the car we wanted, at the price we wanted, and had it delivered literally to our front door. No time wasted, no stupid dealer games, no hassles -- just pure professionalism, a great sense of humor, and a level of service that redefines "above and beyond". The cost of Car Pal's services was quite reasonable, and more than offset by the savings that they were able to negotiate with the dealer, as well as by the time and energy they expended on our behalf. We're going to be in the market for another car soon, and our first call is going to be to Car Pal.

Zach Cohen
January 12, 2022

Lindsay was awesome! I highly recommend CarPal to anyone looking to rid themselves of tons of hassle- ESPECIALLY right now with the way the market has been. She was extremely responsive, professional, and personable. I felt prioritized at all times and was very thankful for the loops she had to jump through to get the job done. Very thankful that I found CarPal!

Alyssa Levy
January 5, 2022

I recommend Car Pal without reservation as my experience with Car Pal resulted in an exceptional outcome for our family! Lindsay and her team at Car-Pal are stellar in every way - brilliant, dedicated and remarkably helpful professionals who not only went the extra mile, but went the extra 100 miles to bring the best service experience possible for us. Everything about our interactions with Car Pal went above and beyond our expectations. This service is truly outstanding and will save you time and money without a doubt, while ensuring great quality and a truly personal touch!

john ligue
November 10, 2021

Pleasure to work with. Exceeded our expectations. Soooo worth it to save yourself from all the hassles that come with dealing with car dealerships and the whole car buying process.

Drexel Harris
October 7, 2021

Lindsay and her team did great work helping me purchase a truck. I would definitely use their services again. 10/10 recommend.

Bethany Simms
October 7, 2021

I 100% recommend Car Pal!!! With my busy schedule I do not have time to go from deal to dealer and negotiate terms. I reached out to Car Pal hoping to buy my new car by the end of the year. I never expected to have my dream car in my driveway just 2 weeks later! Lindsey and Phil were amazing and put every effort into finding my dream car. I will absolutely recommend anyone to use Car Pal services. They truly do advocate for the buyer.

Chris Santore
July 17, 2021

First time using an agent and I was impressed throughout and thrilled with the result. Lindsay found the car I wanted at a great price and had it delivered to my house, exactly as expected with no issues. I'll never go to a dealer alone again!

Bonnie Abrams
July 12, 2021

I hate buying cars! Or at least I did until I worked with Lindsay Graham - the force behind Car-Pal. My husband died unexpectedly in 2019 and my car was totaled in an accident this past May.The thought of buying a car all alone was daunting. But thanks to Lindsay, I wasn't alone! She worked quickly and efficiently to find me just what I wanted. And she was with me by phone during the harrowing dealings with the business manager. She told him what I wanted and what I didn't need and got me a great price on a new 2021 Honda Hybrid CRV. I would recommend Car-Pal to anyone looking for a car without going through the hassle that car buying usually is. Thanks, Lindsay!

Emily McGinty
July 4, 2021

Humans of the internet: I’m writing to insist you enlist Car Pal for your next car-buying adventure. I will never buy a car without them again. I wanted a unicorn in a brisk, sparse market: a 4x4 Toyota Tacoma (“not white, black, or red, please”), 4WD, ~100K miles or less. Phil and Lindsay first asked about my current car situation and driving needs+dreams. They helped me feel confident making the leap into truck ownership (“driver identity therapy” isn’t listed on the website, but they get 5/5 stars!) The Pals then found a unicorn I couldn’t have located independently, and made tons of savvy calls on my behalf to claim+protect the find. All that work was the very tip of the huge, helpful iceberg that is Car Pal’s technical savvy, negotiating powers, and interpersonal prowess. I chose to visit my truck at the dealership due to geographic luck, and I had my Car Pals on live speakerphone for literally every aspect of the live deal-making and purchasing -- from test drive and detailed service review to trade-in and warranty negotiation, to at least 75 other things my brain didn’t have to hold because Lindsay's and Phil’s were on the ball. At one point, the salesman @ the dealership leaned over to me, looked left and right, and whispered: “We’ve never had so much interest in such a short time on one vehicle, every guy in here got customer calls asking for this truck. Your friend’s persistence is why you’re sitting here about to get this truck.” (direct quote, I wrote it down!) From the moment I pulled into the dealership and texted my Car Pals “I’m outside” to the moment I pulled out of the lot as owner, Phil and Lindsay had my back and guided every move. The team huddles with my ‘A Squad’ made this process rock-solid smooth, supportive, and shockingly FUN from initial search to closing the real live deal. Car Pal's Financial and technical IQ: Car Pal negotiated a higher trade value than any of the 3 dealerships I’d independently visited; Car Pal negotiated a significantly lower price on a top-quality warranty a lower financing rate; Car Pal asked every question at least twice: they’d ALREADY called, asked, and clarified every possible thing BEFORE I even saw the truck, and then repeated everything out loud for me on team speaker phone. Another customer wrote “Car Pal sweats the details so you don’t have to.” I am here to confirm that.is.the.TRUTH! Relational and Extremely-Good-Experience IQ: Y’all, this part matters: Lindsay and Phil made me SMILE, LAUGH, and BREATHE more than I ever thought possible dealing with car buying. Their thoughtful energy MATTERED to the sellers who 100% decided which customer’s call got first dibs. Did you read that direct whispered-to-me quote above? I ONLY snagged this truck because of Car Pal’s speed, strategy, and outstanding customer service to ALL parties involved. Finally: I came into this as a solo millennial female buyer who co-manages a small farm and is very used to doing everything ‘DIY’; I’d also had some “eh” experiences as a 5”2 young woman at car dealerships. I turned to Car Pal at first because I quite literally couldn’t find a decent car in the market, plus the combo of urgency (my junky car was literally falling apart); work pressures (I run a dang farm and it’s peak summer!); and life chaos (2 weddings and 2 funerals in less than 3 weeks = not FANTASTIC car buying headspace!) was all too much to get the job done alone or with well-intentioned googling help from family. Choosing Car Pal is the best decision I have ever made about a significant life purchase. It just made too much sense, and now I’ve got the receipts to prove it. I’m so psyched to be part of the Car Pal chorus: these SUPER savvy, hugely good-hearted car-buying ninjas saved me time, money and sanity, and they gifted me more deep breaths and big smiles than I ever could have expected. Y’all hear that? You’re literally buying yourself a GIFT when you choose to work with Car Pal.

Scott Mugford
April 16, 2021

Thank you so much for all your help through my car purchase process!! I loved your incredible focus, along with your amazing sense of fun. I never imagined that I could enjoy a car buying experience this much. Not to mention, your impressive negotiating skills saved me a ton of money. And time!! Cheers to you and your marvelous team.

sarah beasley
April 16, 2021

Well, Lindsay came through in a big way today. My wife and I had been talking about trading in our 2017 Kia Niro. We were upside down in the financing, owing $12,200 n change. It's why I was dragging my feet on the trade. We went to Boulware Toyota to get an oil change. While we were there, I said, let's check out their cars. It's a secondary car n I didn't want to go over $23k for it, but that trade issue! They had a red Corolla 2021 for 22k. I then said, "oh damn, we haven't talked to Lindsay yet" Immediately got Lindsay on the phone. Lindsay was there for us! You just don't know the peace that gives having her in your corner. They were only going to give us $7400 for the Niro. In less than 5 minutes, yes 5 minutes, Lindsay got them to 14 thousand!!! Then at closing financing she got them to drop 2 points! Overall, she saved us at least $9,000.00! Thank you Lindsay! Everyone should use car Pal. I made a comment that when I was younger, I thought I was a good negotiator. The older I've gotten, I realized my ego was in the way. Let a pro like Lindsay save your hard earned money, her rates a incredibly reasonable considering how much she has saved us! Thank you once again Lindsay Graham of Carpal.com.

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