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Car Pal Full Service

$895 for MSRP < $35,000
$1095 for MSRP > $35,000

15 Minute Consultation


Our Service Pays for Itself Many Times Over

Car Pal Full Service Includes

  • Single point of contact
  • Personalized advice on makes/models and trims
  • Discuss pros and cons of leasing vs. buying
  • Arrange for financing (if needed)
  • Negotiate interest rates (if financing)
  • Negotiate value of trade (if applicable)
  • Find and subtract factory-to-dealer incentives
  • Monitor and eliminate dealer fees and add ons
  • Arrange for home or office delivery
  • Review final paperwork

NOTE: Some vehicles may be subject to a surcharge of $200 regardless of MSRP due to scarcity and/or difficult searches.

Other Services

Let Car Pal Beat Your Best Deal

Bring us your best deal. If Car Pal can beat it, we will split the difference of what we save you related to your purchase (not to exceed $1,500 payable to Car Pal).

Example: If Car Pal saves you an additional $500, you pay Car Pal $250 and you keep $250. If Car Pal saves you an additional $3,500, you pay Car Pal $1,500 and you keep $2,000. If Car Pal cannot beat your best deal, you continue with peace of mind and you owe Car Pal nothing.

For Sale By Owner

Are you replacing a car and want to maximize its value rather than trade it in?

We do nearly all of the "for sale by owner" work on your behalf including but not limited to assessing most favorable pricing, posting your photos and descriptions, fielding phone calls, vetting potential buyers, preparing the final contract and guiding you through the steps for your netting up to an additional $3,500.

Buying from eBay or Craigslist

We help you ascertain whether the deal is favorable and whether you can trust buying the vehicle sight unseen. This service includes consultation on getting a third-party mechanical assessment and shipping to and from anywhere in the United States.

Do It Yourself with Car Pal Coaching

You like to do everything yourself -- but you understand that with some coaching on the side, your chances to save are better. Our clients save an average of $1000 with our help.

Working with Trade-In

If you have a vehicle to trade with a dealership, we get you at least twice our fee in additional trade-in value for your vehicle.

Evaluating and Shipping

If you have found your vehicle in another location and need help with evaluating and shipping, please contact us.

Brand New Service!

Extended Warranty Savings
Save $1,000 to $2,500 or more with our partner Autogard

  • Best price for extended warranties
  • Exclusive "Wear and Tear" coverage
  • Exclusive "Seals and Gaskets" coverage
  • Zero percent financing
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 24/7 Emergency service

Our Money Back Guarantee

There is a $200 deposit to get started. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services and results, we will refund your deposit and you will owe nothing. In our ten years of business and thousands of clients, no one has ever asked for their money back.

Car Pal Consulting

Up to one hour consultation with our CEO, Lindsay Graham. (Average savings $1000.)

Compare Our Services

Service Car Pal Car Gurus USAA TrueCar
Unbiased expert advice
Help you decide on best vehicle for your needs Yes NO NO NO
Purchase vs. leasing Yes NO NO NO
Vehicle models and trims Yes NO NO NO
Add-ons Yes NO NO NO
Warranties Yes NO NO NO
Service plans Yes NO NO NO
Protection plans Yes NO NO NO
Best Process
Consumer-centric process Yes NO NO NO
No need to go into a dealership Yes NO NO NO
Single point of contact Yes NO NO NO
Preferred method of communication Yes NO NO NO
Pre-arranged test drives (if requested) Yes NO NO NO
Final arrangements and delivery Yes NO NO NO
Home or office delivery Yes NO NO NO
We respond in less than hour in most cases Yes NO NO NO
Vehicles can be delivered in as little 3 days Yes NO NO NO
Monitor and eliminate dealer fees and add ons Yes NO NO NO
Find and subtract factory-to-dealer incentives Yes NO NO NO
Uncover hidden/undisclosed dealer fees Yes NO NO NO
Hassle Free
We negotiate with the dealer so you don't have to Yes NO NO NO

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