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Quality 2013 Small SUV Comparisons by Car Pal Client

One of our Car Buying Service clients, from Bayville, NJ sends this comparison report after test drives Car Pal set up for him.  It is so nicely written, it was worth the reprint here for small SUV buyers:  

Subaru Outback 2.5 Premium

·         Best of the three tested today

·         Solid feel and ride

·         Most comfortable seating

·         Novel roof rail and rack design

·         The sound of the engine/transmission is a whine (negative)

·         Driver visibility is good

·         Need Premium model to get 17” wheels that I want

·         No rear view camera except on high end package with navigation (negative)

·         Color:  No black, white or dark color


Honda CR-V LX tested

·         Over all #2, close to #1

·         Seemed smaller than the Outback

·         Very solid and familiar interior and features

·         Best mpg

·         Engine (Vtek) is reliable based on previous Honda /Acura cars we owned

·         Rear view camera included

·         Need EX model to get 17” wheels

·         Rear seat release at back of car is nice

·         Convenient steering wheel adjustment


Kia 2013 Sorento LX

·         Acceptable comfort

·         Interior seems dated and plastic

·         Includes rear view camera

·         17” wheels on LX

·         Boxer engine design (German so it must be good)

·         Easy open rear tailgate

·         Road noise more noticeable (negative)

·         2013 incentives may be interesting over new 2014 model


Our next step is to read the product brochures and to search for reviews online.

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