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Recent Car Pal Decision re: Blogs

Car Pal recently decided that another free offering we could offer our clients is an in depth look at a specific new or used car, SUV, truck or minivan.  To that end, we will be posting some quality videos that we come across that give a great idea of how a vehicle might fit your needs.  This will be another way to “arm chair shop,” and avoid the hassle of driving to a dealership before narrowing down on a handful of top choices. 

Please feel free to contact us if there is a specific vehicle you would like to learn more about, or hear from Car Pal’s expertise regarding a car’s quality, pricing, re-sale value, safety, features and benefits, and/or anything we’ve left off of that list.  As part of our free consultation offering, we will put together a special blog, just for you, to share with our other readers.

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