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Testimonial from San Antonio, TX

Please see my reply.  It was hard for me to know just what amount of savings.  I believe it was more the 6k but I didn’t want to overstate it.  


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Dear Will,
I started an email to you last night and did not finish it.  I purchased an MKZ hybrid through Lindsay Graham last year.  I have to say that it was an amazing experience.   When I went in to look at Hybrid MKZs I was told there were no special deals, reductions etc on hybrids.  They also told me that I had to purchase one of the hybrids on the lot.  Lindsay called the Manager and before you knew it I was offered the car I wanted…in a color that wasn’t on the lot at over $6K less then they had quoted to me.  Additionally, they were refusing to give me more then $4500 on my other car which was an LS, in excellent condition.  I was fighting with them over $5K.  She got $6K for my car.  An amazing experience.  

If you have any other questions, please let me know.  It is worth it for Lindsay to work the deal.

Colonel Karen Weis, dean of the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, San Antonio, TX

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