2017 Subaru Forester XT Happiness

2017 Subaru Forester

Hey Lindsay, I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy since Thursday but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help and your patience. You were an immense help in the iterative process of figuring out the exact car with which I was going to be most satisfied.

After three days behind the wheel, my initial impression is that we nailed it. I have pictures that I will be sending soon (taken right after a very thorough cleaning). I’m glad that we kept the mileage below the threshold for the expiration of the warranty (a rear tail light assembly needs to be replaced – condensation formed inside it when I washed the car – $280 plus install).

Aside from the tail light, a little hay (in the spare tire compartment – I’m assuming for her chickens) and some glitter (I saw it before purchasing the car and it is now gone. Not much at all but a little goes a long way, especially with perforated leather seats – assuming it got there while she was doing grandma duty), everything seems to be very much in order.

I’m really enjoying the 2.0XT Turbo. We ran up to Park City yesterday and there was a lot of room for the dog (add dog hair and nose prints to the list of things I now need to clean) and the performance suspension along with the turbo engine handled the climb with little to no effort.

On the list of pleasant surprises (and there have been several), is the SI drive with “Sport” and “Sport#” modes (along with the very long list of extras that are included with the Touring package). The turbo comes with paddle shifters on the steering wheel that let you increase the RPMs and torque before the CVT’s “shift.” This is nice because you can use the engine as a brake on steep descents and you gain a measure of control in challenging conditions like deep snow. The “SI” modes are an entirely different story and I wasn’t even aware they came on this model. I was familiarizing myself with the controls and on the steering wheel were two buttons (S and S#) that I thought were part of the cruise control but the markings didn’t make any sense.

And a great summary “The turbocharged Forester does a lot. It’s roomy, easy to pilot, and joyfully swift. It combines elements of both a WRX and an off-roader, while still being the sort of car that tackles all the normal commuting, grocery getting, and school bussing for which normal people will use it on a daily basis. In Touring trim, it also offers a decent level of comfort. For such a mainstream family vehicle, the 2017 Forester 2.0XT still has a lot of personality, much of which comes from what’s under the hood.”

Close up of XT Sport buttons.

I am really enjoying the car and I did not expect it to be as fun to drive as the X1 but in Sport and Sport sharp with the upgraded suspension, it is very close (and I am feeling very spoiled – I’m actually looking forward to driving this car every time I get an excuse). You’re the best!

Thanks again,


— Shane, Salt Lake City, Utah

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