“After dealing with a sexist car salesman and manager, I turned to Lindsay and her team…”

“After dealing with a sexist car salesman and manager (hello, 2018?), I turned to Lindsay and her team. They found an almost new Subaru Forester for me (only 6500 miles and a year old) with MANUAL TRANSMISSION, which is almost like finding a unicorn in the wild. I absolutely love my newish car. Lindsay is the Mama Bear of car buying, protecting her cub clients every step of the way. She made my life less complicatedβ€”all with a sense of focus and humor. The process was so quick!”

—Delia Cabe, Massachusetts resident and author of STORIED BARS OF NEW YORK (Countryman Press, division of W.W. Norton, June 6, 2017)
Senior Affiliated Faculty, Writing, Literature & Publishing, Emerson College Thank you Delia, for showing your appreciation and for being such an extraordinary role model—it’s a true pleasure to be of assistance.

β€” Delia Cabe, Massachusetts

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