Buying a Car During COVID-19

I can honestly say my experience with Lindsay and the Car Pal team was unique and extraordinary. Lindsay takes on your car-buying needs as her own personal mission. I specified to her that I was looking for a good, used Toyota Rav4 hybrid.

She searched far and wide and found one at a dealership in Charlotte, North Carolina. 4 years old with only 23,700 some miles, in virtually brand-new condition – it had previously been owned by an elderly couple who traded it in for a Subaru Outback – and the dealer was asking a lower price than what other similar Rav4s were going for elsewhere.

The Rav-4 fell within the specifications I had given Lindsay. We had it checked out by a local mechanic and Lindsay was able to get the dealer to throw in a brand new set of tires as a result, at no extra charge to the deal she had already negotiated!

Despite the sudden announcement that the dealership was closing down in compliance with the coronavirus regulations in their county, and a misstep on my part (not making the money available in a timely manner) that almost nixed the deal, Lindsay’s dogged persistence and drive got the deal completed. Bottom line: it was delivered right to my door. It was Lindsay charging ahead with her “never say die” attitude that brought this deal to completion. (Were you ever in the Marines?)

There’s no doubt in my mind that if I had tried to purchase something on my own, I would have come up with a lesser vehicle at an inferior deal. Now, as an Uber driver, I can present my customers with an outstanding vehicle in which to ride, and I have the confidence of owning a reliable vehicle which I expect to last for a good, long time, Lord willing.

Add my voice to the long list of happy, satisfied customers. Thank you, Lindsay and Car Pal!

— Larry Bruhn , Chicago, IL