“I am absolutely thrilled with the car and their efforts…”

Syd Spain — Oxford, MS

Exceptional was my experience in working with Car Pal to purchase a used car! They amazed me at their quick responses and informative suggestions and communications. We began looking for a used Honda Fit, but found them to be overpriced during this period of high fuel prices. They steered me to consider a car I would really enjoy having, and we turned to a used Lexus SC430 hardtop/convertible. We quickly found one at a favorable price, and we both talked to the seller. A previous owner lived in another city, and they obtained all of the vehicle’s Lexus service records and forwarded them to me. They helped negotiate a further $500 price reduction, guided me to a reputable car inspection company who conducted a thorough inspection prior to purchase, and stayed closely in contact with me as I traveled over 300 miles to drive and purchase the car. Total time from first call to purchase was about two weeks which is likely unusually quick. I am absolutely thrilled with the car and their efforts! Best of all, my wife is also pleased!

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