“I give Lindsay Graham and Car Pal five stars, two thumbs up, as well as any other accolades one can think of!!”

Avoid this Mistake - Car Brokers are NOT Car Buyers Agents

I’m not sure why I was initially hesitant to engage the services of Car Pal and Lindsay Graham. She was highly recommended by a friend I trust. I guess I thought the salesman at my local BMW dealer had my best interests at heart! NaΓ―ve, you say? Well, I had not purchased a car in almost 13 years, and I had blocked the greed and nastiness from my memory. So, the car salesman found a car for me -– a car that was not really what I wanted AND cost $7000 more than I could afford. Luckily, I had just signed the contract with Car Pal the night before I heard from the local dealer, and Lindsay nicely told him that I was not interested in borrowing several thousand dollars over my top price to buy the 2016 car he had found for me (when I had specifically asked for a gently used car -– a new BMW was not in my budget!).

By that evening, Lindsay’s wonderful team had done a national search and found four cars that met my criteria (Deep Sea Blue all-wheel drive BMW X3 with low mileage, light colored interior, rear view camera and heated seats). One of them was the car of my dreams (a 2013 with all of the above plus several features I had secretly hoped for but didn’t think I could afford, with less than 30,000 miles on it) –- and most astoundingly, I had the car in my driveway a mere week later (and it was in a different state 650 miles away)!!

Lindsay Graham DEFINITELY has my best interests at heart and provided almost around the clock support and help to me during the transaction. (I was needy.) In fact, she is continuing to make sure the dealer where I purchased the car continues to provide excellent customer service, even though I’ve had the car for a few days and our Car Pal contract is technically completed. I give Lindsay Graham and Car Pal five stars, two thumbs up, as well as any other accolades one can think of!! My advice to you -– don’t hesitate!! I saved thousands of dollars by hiring Car Pal!! Hire Car Pal immediately when you decide to purchase a vehicle!!! You will love Lindsay’s energy, her integrity, and her dedication to excellent customer service. I am delighted to have a new friend by the name of Lindsay Graham!!!

β€” Lea W., Lafayette, CO

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