Kept the process moving quickly and with a great sense of humor

I would like to unreservedly recommend Lindsay Graham and Car Pal.
Here’s a short timeline of my experience. Now granted, I researched the car that I wanted and already obtained some internet dealer quotes. But still, this went lightning fast:

9/17/11 (a Saturday): submit info request
9/17/11 email exchange, set up phone call
9/18/11 (a Sunday): phone conversation about model options, etc
9/18/11 forwarded quote, paid deposit
9/19/11 provided details of my trade-in car
9/21/11 drove trade-in car to deal for evaluation
9/22/11 signed the paperwork to buy car.

An incredible experience. I got a great deal, saving a few hundred dollars on my purchase but more importantly getting a really good deal on the trade-in. Lindsay was an excellent communicator, juggling email and phone contact, and kept the process moving quickly and with a great sense of humor.

I saved money and also quite of bit of time (by avoiding visiting various dealerships and negotiating).

This an incredibly better experience than any of my prior car purchases. Do yourself a favor and use her services.

— Misha Bolotski, Seattle, WA