“My recent experience with Car-Pal was so exceptional…”

I don’t usually write reviews. In fact I think I’ve written a total of three in my life. That said, my recent experience with Car-Pal was so exceptional that I contacted the owner after the purchase of my car was complete to ask her where I could write a review on her behalf.

So here’s what I have to say: I’m a really earnest person. When I deal with other people, I’m honest and direct and I expect the same. Car buying has always felt stressful to me – like there was some indirect game to play and where people who seemed friendly might actually be interested in taking advantage of my naivety. My poker face is non-existent. If I want something, you’ll know it right away.

A couple of years ago a friend of mine mentioned he bought a car through Car-Pal. So when I recently decided it was time for me to purchase a car, I reached out to this friend and asked him if he’d had a good experience. β€œLindsay is fantastic. Call her. You won’t regret it,” is what he said. So I placed the call.

Immediately I heard back from Lindsay and right away, I felt listened to, and like I had someone on my side. I hired her on the spot. As the process progressed, from a discussion of what kind of car might suit my specific needs, to convenient test driving appointments, and sooner than I would have thought possible to locating my perfect car, I started to feel like I had my own personal concierge. She was seemingly always available, but also, I never felt rushed. In fact, I actually had fun during the process, which by the way was seamless all the way through and took a little over a week. When I think about the time and money I saved hiring Lindsay, I really can’t believe it. Of course the very best part is my beautiful new car, which is the perfect fit for me and I had no idea I could love so much. The fact that Lindsay is delightful to work with and I got to feel like a VIP for a period of time in my life – that’s just the icing on the cake. I’ll repeat my friend’s advice: Hire Lindsay. You won’t regret it.

β€” Emily O’Barr, Chapel Hill, NC

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