“Service, communication, and value exceeded my expectations…”

Lindsay Graham is responsible for a very satisfying client experience and the success of Car Pal. As you probably know she has many years of experience in the car business and knows what she is doing. She also understands the perspective of the car dealers and their sales team which makes her such a great advocate for you, the buyer.

We purchased a Subaru Outback almost a year ago after considering several options. She scheduled demos convenient for me, did all the negotiations, and handled last minute β€œsurprises” in a professional manner. Glad she was on my team.

She also handled the sale of used Lexus that required little effort on my behalf.

You can tell that I am enthusiastic on my recommendation for Lindsay and Car Pal. Service, communication, and value exceeded my expectations. She practically guarantees that you will not be disappointed.

β€” Barrett Gunter,

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