Steve in NC

I want to thank Lindsay and her team for all their help with my recent purchase!

I had to buy a car unexpectedly, with little time to research or comparison shop. Car Pal helped me narrow things down (and talked me out of a couple of bad ideas, along the way) until we found exactly what I was looking for – the sweet spot of not too many miles, the right price, and all the features I wanted. (As a matter of fact, this car is loaded! I’ve owned new cars that weren’t nearly as nice.)

The car was for sale at an out of state dealership, but by coincidence, I was planning to be in that area a week later. Lindsay’s team handled everything for me ahead of time. They negotiated the price down significantly – far more than enough to cover the cost of car-pal. (I think this is the first time I’ve ever left a dealership honestly believing I got a great deal on a car.) Beyond that, she took care of all the prep work (loan application/approval; independent inspection and test drive; paperwork for plates and registration; etc.), so that all I had to do was show up, sign the papers, and drive home. I never once spoke to the dealership until I got there to pick up the car.

When I arrived, at first it was exactly like what you might have anticipated. They wanted to sell me extras and change the terms of the deal. And when I declined, the manager actually told me that he couldn’t give me the agreed-upon price.

Lindsay had committed to being available “on-call” by phone or text for the entire afternoon. If I hadn’t had this lifeline, I don’t know if I would have caved to some of their pressure to spend more money, or abandoned the whole thing. But after a quick call with Lindsay (CEO has to be on call on Saturdays, I guess…ha!), we were back to the agreed-upon deal after all.

I love this car and I’ve recommended car-pal to several friends and colleagues. Thanks, Lindsay and team!

— Steve, North Carolina

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