“The fee we paid was a steal for this service.”

Lindsay G. at Car Pal was an absolute force of nature helping us look for a used car. I can’t recommend this service and company highly enough.

We went to her with a set of criteria for a small, dependable car. Honestly we were amazed how thoroughly she investigated and helped to locate options not just within our area but at dealerships around the country (factoring in delivery and other fees into the price).

She was careful to assess cars individually, allowing us to narrowly avoid a “too good to be true” deal on a Honda Fit looked like the perfect low mileage, low-price car. She and her team did the legwork and investigated, finding out it was a totaled car that was repaired which wasn’t shown on the website.

She seemed excited rather than daunted by the challenge of a few special requests – manual transmission, and the idea of importing a vehicle. She did the research, located options, and didn’t miss a beat when we changed our criteria based on what vehicles were available. When we went through purchasing our use car, Lindsay handled the negotiations, inspections, and final pickup with the local dealer without a hitch.

Throughout it all, Lindsay maintained constant contact and was always available when we needed her. Always professional, friendly and with a creative intelligence that showed she delights in rather than fears solving problems.

The fee we paid was a steal for this service.

— Henry B, Google Review

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