“To say ‘expectations were met’ is an understatement…..”

With Car Pal's help, a Chicago customer received his vehicle within a week of purchasing it from a dealership in North Carolina.

I just completed a vehicle purchase with Lindsay’s help. Like many of her clients, I consider myself a decent negotiator and usually came away from purchases with reasonable (or so I thought) deals. However, the level of work and stress emailing dealerships, getting straight answers, and negotiating a fair price is ALWAYS considerable.

I discovered Lindsay’s site researching car buyer’s agents. I came away impressed with her knowledge of the industry, negotiating skills, and incredibly positive attitude. After a short phone conversation, it was clear she is passionate about her career and has a genuine interest in helping others. I thought to myself, at minimum, she will probably save me hours of work and stress. Which, by itself, was 100% worth her reasonable fee.

To say β€œexpectations were met” is an understatement. Lindsay worked for four consecutive weeks, researching dealership inventory around the country to find the exact model I hoped to purchase. Then she proceeded to negotiate a price significantly lower than I expected.

To follow that up, she made arrangements for a North Carolina dealership to ship the car directly to my home in Chicago. Within ONE WEEK of finding the vehicle, it was sitting in front of my home. All documents to sign were completed from the comfort of my own home. A CONSIDERABLY more enjoyable experience than sitting at a finance officer’s desk. Lindsay’s work saved me money, provided me and my family with a stress-free experience, and shielded me from hours of exhausting emails and dealership games. If you have a family or busy job, working with Lindsay will forever change your approach to buying a car.

Lindsay likes to say that she has β€œmagic.” However, I suspect it’s really a combination of smarts, experience and interpersonal skills. Dealership sales reps simply enjoy working with someone who is kind, knowledgable and respectful (don’t we all?)

Trust me. Take the leap and hire Lindsay. She didn’t disappoint.

β€” Mike Silverman, Chicago, IL

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