“Working with Lindsay was like shooting fishy car salespeople in a barrel…”

I first met Lindsay about five years ago when I was buying a car and she was a dealership’s Internet sales manager. She had been selling cars for quite a while by then and I was really impressed with her knowledge, and also with how helpful she was. So when I needed a new car in April 2015, I was happy to find that she was now working on the buyer’s side of the table and could use her experience and her force-of-nature personality (once you meet her you’ll understand that comment πŸ™‚ to make my car-buying experience SO much easier (a breeze, really).

Although I did lots of research on the web sites of Consumer Reports, Edmund’s, KBB, TrueCar, etc., to find all the ways to negotiate as low a price as possible, she still saved me a lot more than that (for example, I wanted a hard-to-get car color, which would have made me a sitting duck for getting gouged by a dealership, but Lindsay knew how to keep that from happening). Even after deducting the amount of Car Pal’s fee from the savings she got for me, I still saved significant money.

What was worth even more to me, though, was the fact that I didn’t have to visit a bunch of dealerships, talk with a bunch of salespeople, be given the usual lines of BS that you get when buying a car, and so on. I hate that crap! Lindsay handled ALL of those interactions on my behalf, quickly and correctly. She also set up a great test drive for me — all I had to do was walk into the dealership, take the test drive, and walk back out the door, with no salesperson hanging off my leg like a rat terrier on a mailman’s ankle. Other than the test drive, I just got to sit back at home and interact with only Lindsay, and she handled everyone and everything else, including making sure all the paperwork was done right.

She’s also tireless about tracking down answers to questions, and never, ever made me feel that my questions were dumb or unnecessary. Even though I’m a bit (OK, a lot) OCD about needing facts and figures, not only did she get all of my answers, she did it very cheerfully (same as she does everything else) and she kept encouraging me to ask her MORE questions. She even responded to questions *after* the sale was done, when a lot of other people in her line of work might have disappeared because they had already been paid and had finished the job they’d been hired to do.

The whole process didn’t take long at all. The next thing I knew, the exact Toyota Camry Hybrid I wanted, at a great price, was delivered to my house at no charge! It had the all the options I’d asked for, and no extra options that I *didn’t* want (which many dealerships twist your arm to take when you buy from what’s already on their lot). Working with Lindsay was like shooting fishy car salespeople in a barrel. πŸ™‚ She is truly dedicated to giving her clients the best car-buying experiences possible. As long as she’s still at Car Pal, my husband and I will be coming back for every car we buy.

β€” Jeanne E., North Carolina

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