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Used Car Interior Inspection: What to Check

When you buy a new-to-you used car, it is important that it looks shiny and appealing on the outside. But what about the inside? Here are five important things to check before you buy.

1. Windows

Are the windows foggy? If yes, there may be excessive moisture and/or musty odors inside the vehicle. That is not a condition that will improve over time. It may point to a leak in the vehicle’s heater core, weatherstripping, or one of the windows.

2. Brake Pedals

How do the brake pedals look? If the pad is worn straight through to the metal, there may have been excessive use in stop and go traffic. Imagine what this has done to the braking system itself.

3. Floor Mats

Are the floor mats brand new? If yes, why? Be sure to check underneath the floor mats. How do the floor boards look? This is another place to check for water damage or excessive wear and tear.

4. Instrument Panel and Odometer

Have they been tampered with? Check specifically for scratches and/or fingerprints underneath the plastic cover.

5. Seat Cushions

Are they still full of life? Cushions that have been overused or have borne excessive weight will show excessive wear and fading. Keep in mind that the cushions will only worsen over time if they lack girth, and that will affect your long-term driving comfort.

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