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We will put you together with your next new or used car at the best price, whether it’s down the street or across the country. We’ll protect your time and your wallet as we help you buy or leaseβ€”without cutting corners.

Why negotiate with salespeople who do not work for you when you can hire one of the most nationally-recognized car buyer's agents (and her capable team) to work on your behalf?

The amount you will save with Car Pal will more than cover our fee, and then someβ€” and you get the vehicle of your dreams.

Car Pal. Your national car buying service.

β€œGreat to know about this. Happy to have a place to refer friends and family for trustworthy and positive car buying experiences.”
β€”Claudia in Upstate NY

How It Works

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Step 1

Contact Car Pal by phone, email or use our form at the bottom of the page.

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Step 2

Select a vehicle. Car Pal is happy to help with this as needed!

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Step 3

Pick up your car (or have it delivered to you) after Car Pal has found the perfect match, established the absolute best available pricing and handled all of the logistics on your behalf.


Let Car Pal do the work
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Our Customers LOVE Us!

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David Bean
March 20, 2024

Working with Kevin and Lindsey was great. They quickly found the vehicle I wanted, at a reasonable price. The amount of effort I had to put in was rather low, which was great as I prefer to spend my time doing things other than buying used cars!

Scott Drake
March 14, 2024

Just an outstanding experience with Car Pal and Kevin. He worked around the clock and kept his 100% guarantee throughout the entire process. Can’t say enough about him. You can tell this company cares about the people because they are good people.

Haley Cutting
March 12, 2024

I cannot say enough good things about Lindsay. I will never buy or sell a car without her again. She is communicative, thorough, intelligent, honest, personable, and funny. She works quickly and expertly. She had an answer for nearly every question, and a way to find out the answer for all remaining questions. Lindsay helped us purchase the exact car we wanted in a span of 3 business days - that includes the afternoon I first reached out! She had offers lined up to purchase our old car in 1 additional business day. She made things so easy on me - I felt totally comfortable making a large purchase because she had negotiated all options for me and left no stone unturned. During the actual 60 minutes of purchasing or my new car in the dealership, and the 40 minutes of selling of my old car, Lindsay sat on speakerphone interacting with the other party on my behalf when needed and double checking all paperwork in the background. She is fair, level-headed, an incredible multi-tasker, and her services more than pay for themselves with the discounts she negotiated. I recommend Lindsay and CarPals whole-heartedly. She is phenomenal!!

De Henderson
February 17, 2024

Lindsay and her team are awesome! I consulted with them on buying a truck and shipping during a cross-country move - a complex situation - and they responded well beyond expectations. Super friendly, no pressure, but moreso I was impressed with their focus on finding solutions that fit my unique situation and goals, and their expertise on handling details has been a life/stress saver for me and my family. I wholeheartedly recommend CarPal. Great people!

Karen Morgan
February 16, 2024

Every time I get in my car, the first thing I do is thank the universe for Lindsay Fass Graham and the mythical magic she has created with CarPal. I will never buy a car any other way than with Lindsay and her team. Not only did she save me time and money, but she managed to find my Audi in such perfect condition that I now have dealers calling me to see if I'm willing to sell it. From start to finish this woman has streamlined the car buying process in such a magnificent way, I refer all my friends to her because she is JUST THAT GOOD. See, unicorns are real. In all seriousness, thank you, thank you, thank you Lindsay!

Dave ward
February 13, 2024

My experience with Car Pal was nothing short of exceptional. Moving from Australia to the United States was already a daunting task, but finding the right vehicle added another layer of complexity. Enter Car Pal. They not only helped us purchase our dream F350 but went above and beyond to ensure it was customized exactly to our liking. Car Pal acted as a trusted intermediary, liaising with dealerships and ensuring that all our preferences were met. They seamlessly arranged for the installation of extras we desired, sparing us the hassle and headache of dealing with it ourselves. What truly sets Car Pal apart is their dedication to customer satisfaction. Despite the distance and time zone differences, communication was always prompt and clear. They kept us informed at every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Thanks to Car Pal, we were able to transition seamlessly into our new life in the US with the perfect vehicle waiting for us. I cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone in need of a vehicle purchasing agent. Thank you, Car Pal, for your outstanding service!

Amir Blau Rothschild
January 27, 2024

Thank you again, Kevin. For the time, the availability, the expertise, the personal touch, and most of all, for caring and trying to do the best by me.

Jonah Meyer
January 18, 2024

Selling a vehicle with CarPal I work a lot of hours between consulting and National Guard drilling. Along with the long hours, I have to adhere to client schedules, generally meaning I don't have much flexibility during the work week and most weekends. I wanted to sell my vehicle, but didn't have the time to message back and forth with potential buyers, line up viewings/test drives, etc. CarPal made the process very simple as they lined up the buyer, selling location, and verified the price before proceeding with selling the vehicle. My CarPal representative Lindsay cared about the buyer/seller, and took care of the most stressful parts of selling a vehicle so I didn't have to. I met my buyer at a bank and the title transfer/money transfer was complete in just minutes. I believe I got a better price this way even taking into account CarPal fees, and had no stress associated with the process. Please consider CarPal when you want to sell a vehicle!!

Beth Carlock
January 14, 2024

Wow! I will never go through the hassle of buying a car myself again! I was recently in the position of needing a new car quickly (old car died) and found Car Pal online. I was impressed with the reviews, and figured I had nothing to lose, so I filled out their online form. Within an hour Car Pal had contacted me and talked to me about what I wanted in a car and price. Three days later I had the car I wanted delivered to my doorstep at a price (including their fee) I was very happy with. No haggling with dealers, no wading through paperwork, no long drives to get a reasonably priced car -- all done with no stress or worry on my part. The Car Pal crew could not have been more pleasant and easy to work with. I will use them every time I need a new car!

Claire Watson
January 5, 2024

Car Pal was such an amazing service from start to finish, my only regret was not finding them sooner in the buying process. From the initial contact online, Lindsay was incredibly prompt and responsive. During the especially hectic end of year madness, she and her team tenaciously jumped right in to ensure we got exactly what we were looking for at the absolute best price possible. She helped with every tiny detail along the way, checking tracking information for paperwork as well and communicating with our delivery driver to ensure as timely delivery as possible. Having someone with such extensive β€œinsider” knowledge is completely invaluable and when it’s time to trade in and get another vehicle, Car Pal will be the first call I make. Thank you so so much!!!

Tristram de Piro
December 7, 2023

Very friendly, bought a second hand car here.

Phil Ricchiazzi
November 6, 2023

I was skeptical using a car service like this was going to pay off. Boy, was I wrong. Lindsay and her team went up and beyond my expectations. They found the exact car I was looking for within hours. I had been searching for months on my own. I live on the West Coast and was traveling when they found my car. Lindsay was on the East Coast at the time and moved mountains to make sure she got the car secured for me before calling it a late night. The whole process was seamless. Lindsay negotiated everything for me. When I got back from my trip, my car (Martin) was waiting for me. All I had to do was sign the paperwork and pick up the keys. I can't recommend Car Pal enough.

Jeanne Taekman
September 29, 2023

I have been searching on my own for the past 4 months for the interior and exterior specific model of Lexus with no luck. I was on 3 dealership waitlists. Rich was able to not only find the exact car I was looking for but negotiate a fair trade on my existing car. His communication was great and I feel like hiring Car Pal Services was the best thing I did. I would highly recommend this service.

Miles Kurtz
September 25, 2023

Such a great buying experience and so fast! We had our intro call with Lindsay on Friday and now we have wheels (on Monday)!! Lindsay is obviously a professional, has the right connections, and makes the process 100% stress free. It is a no brainer to use Car Pal and the service pays for itself (both literally, and with your time). She found exactly what we wanted, has been so enjoyable to work with, and provides great advice on all those other little parts of car buying (warranties, financing, etc.)

Isaiah Margulies
September 11, 2023

Not enough good things to say! Lindsay can make deals happen like no other. You want Car Pal on your side!

Allan Palmer
July 15, 2023

Car Pal not only found the exact car I wanted locally, but also negotiated a truly amazing deal for me and saved me literally thousands of dollars. They didn’t miss a trick! After a test drive they prepared everything so perfectly it took me only 20 minutes at the dealership to sign paperwork before I was on my way. Unless you are a car dealer yourself don’t even try to negotiate without Car Pal in your corner. Highly recommended!

Iris Rado
June 13, 2023

A friend referred us to Car Pal, when we were having a hard time finding a car without the huge dealer mark-ups. Our contact was Linday Graham and within 2 weeks she found my dream car! She was very diligent, explained the process and got us a great deal to boot. I definitely, recommend Lindsay and Car Pal!!

J. Chris Colwell
April 29, 2023

Car Pal is legit. Lindsay has knowledge, persistence and networks of contacts across the country that will get you a better deal than you likely ever could on your own. In the ideal world, cars would be bought and sold without amoral leeches aggressively lying and stealing at every step. In our Fallen world, be thankful that there is at least one professional service who will deal with these people on your behalf.

John Wendel
April 26, 2023

The car we wanted to purchase was in short supply and not available at the dealership. Lindsay found the car we wanted in 1 day. We had purchased on our own before, and we are comfortable on our own. But, Lindsay helped us through every step of the way. She helped us evaluate (and got great pricing) on various dealer add-on packages and advised us on financing. It was great to have a Car Pal on our side!

L Smith
February 16, 2023

I cannot praise Lindsay Graham of Car Pal enough!! She helped me through every step of a very difficult sale of one vehicle and purchase of another from two different dealerships. It was a very thorny situation, but Lindsay never gave up. She was tenacious in getting me the best deal on both vehicles. I definitely will recommend her to my family and friends. I never will go into a dealership on my own. I will always use her services to ensure that no sales person ever takes advantage of me. Lindsay is well worth her fee!!

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