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What Does a Car Buyer’s Agent or a Car Buying Agent Do?


Many people ask us what a car buyer’s agent does, or “What is a car buyer’s agent anyway?”  It is a great question, and deserves a well thought out, clearly outlined answer.  As such, Car Pal is dedicating December to a weekly, four part series to answer that question.  Our first part will focus on Car Pal’s number one priority for its clients and owners: SAFETY.  A concern that is first and foremost and even forefront to Car Pal, because our fearless leader, Lindsay Graham’s first interest in safety was synonymous with her original interest in cars!

As Car Buyer’s agents, Car Pal is not only deeply concerned about the financial and emotional protection of car, truck and SUV buyer’s around the country, but also we are highly concerned about their safety.  Respecting the need for safety comes in various forms; from purchasing a safe vehicle, to how we operate the vehicle when we are behind the steering wheel.  Today’s message is about the latter subject: thoughtfulness when operating a motor vehicle.  And our post was motivated by Hollywood actor Paul Walker’s untimely death on November 30, 2013.

Car Pal’s holiday reminder about, and sense of urgency on the subject of, safe driving stems from the sad news regarding loss of life due to exceeding the speed limit: ‘Fast and Furious’ actor, Paul Walker died in a fiery car wreck yesterday, he was only 40 years old.

It is so exceptionally sad, but did his movie and performance history foreshadow his eventual demise? Movie and TV shows, though there is this latest emphasis on “reality TV,” are still largely fiction. And Fast and Furious driving, or even “joy rides” will, in reality, eventually turn into a “Highway to Heaven” for anyone, even superstars. 

We received the sad news that Paul Walker took a literal “highway to heaven” by driving **fast and furious** in his Porsche with a buddy who also died on what was referred to as a “joy ride”. This post is not to make light of his death, but to use his death as a solemn reminder that we ARE mortal, we are NOT in the movies, and a “joy ride” is not typically a safe option for any of us.

Car Pal asks that you always remember drive cautiously and at safe speeds. Particularly during the holiday season when some people are in a mad frenzy and need extra vigilance, not less.

We don’t know, and we will never know, if Paul considered his own life to be of value, but there is a great deal of evidence that he valued and raised money to help to improve the lives of others.  How fortunate that Paul and his buddy did not also end the lives of other innocent people, when they took their own lives, however inadvertently, with their high speed vehicle. 

So, even if you don’t value your own life enough to drive safely, then consider those around you who are at risk when you make a decision to “take your chances” and/or “defy the odds,” and be cautious out of respect for others.  Though our hope is that you value all lives, including your own, equally.

The words “cautiously” and “slowly” certainly wouldn’t result in a blockbuster movie title, but they are actions that save lives. Put another way, ‘Fast and Furious’ doesn’t ever seem to wind up with a happy ending in real life. It sure didn’t for Paul Walker, nor for his family and those who loved, cherished, admired and/or adored him.

In the next issue or part, we will examine Car Pal’s second priority as a buyer’s agent.  That would be saving our client’s money and/or using our client’s money in the most wise and effective manner possible!  Please stay tuned!

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