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Why Car Pal Car Buying Service Isn’t For Skeptics

Observations Regarding Car Buying Habits From Our CEO and Car Buyer’s Agent, Lindsay Graham

Observations Regarding Car-Buying Habits from our CEO, Lindsay Graham

Interestingly enough, most of those who contact Car Pal, LLC because they are looking for a car-buyer’s agent, or a car-buying concierge, are perspective clients who “know what they don’t know.”  So we don’t have to sell them on our services.  They understand that should they decide to engage our car-buying service, they will enjoy a net savings in both time and money.  To build greater trust and confidence in our services, we also send a written money-back guarantee to every client.

When they are asked how they found us, or why they contacted us, the callers’ answers often resemble the following response: “I knew it was getting close to the time to replace my current vehicle, but I can’t stand the idea of interacting with car dealerships, so I searched around online, and I think I found the Car Pal link in a post on Edmunds about hiring a car-buyer’s agent.”

Here are some typical Car Pal clients’ traits:

  • Knowing what they don’t know
  • Valuing their time as much as they value their money
  • Above-average aptitude
  • Ability to discern earnest and trustworthy service providers

Nearly all of our clients have purchased vehicles in the past, and many are great negotiators; however, they simply aren’t interested—as one client put it so succinctly—in ” …killing any brain cells by negotiating with car sales people.”

The beauty and most refreshing quality of Car Pal’s offerings is that we are not in the car sales business.  Sometimes we are mistakenly referred to as car salespeople, but we are, in fact, quite the opposite.  We are here purely to help our clients purchase a vehicle.  Sometimes we also get involved in the decision-making process.  Car Pal is a service.  That is why we really aren’t predisposed to “selling” our services to a skeptic.  The minute we have to convince or cajole, we have departed from our core beliefs—namely that decisions should be made carefully and deliberately without pressure.  If Car Pal embarks on “selling” someone on the value of our services, then we start down the path we seek to avoid.

In contrast, most car dealers subscribe to “selling” but not necessarily the kind of selling that is valuable to the buyer.  For example, a dealer may persuade a prospective customer to find a substitute for a desired vehicle because it is not in stock, or would require extra effort for the dealer to locate or special order.  Just recently, a dealer told one of our clients that a Highlander Hybrid can simply fail to start if it hasn’t been driven in a while, when actually the Highlander Hybrid is likely the perfect vehicle for that specific client.  However, because of the relative scarcity of the Highlander Hybrid, the dealer embarked on a sales pitch for another model.  In the end, that tactic may be ideal for the salesperson’s agenda, but it is not necessarily in the customer’s best interest.  

That is a perfect example of why we at Car Pal prefer not to influence a skeptic to use our services.  If our business model makes good clear sense to someone, that is perfect.  If a perspective client has questions or doesn’t understand our services, fine too; we can take time to answer any and all questions.  But the minute we feel we are influencing someone to see car-buying service the way we see it, we are departing from our core mission, which is to provide a resource and service for those who know that the “tricks of the trade” apply to everyone, no matter how consumer-savvy, so ultimately an expert is the best person to retain to beat the car dealers at their own “game.”

Occasionally we receive phone calls from buyers who are skeptical about paying us to save them money.  The short answer is that we aren’t here to convince folks to use us.  We are here in case folks want to use us, and use us they do.  

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