Car Lease Trade-In Negotiations

What is the Value of Your Car Lease? More Than You Think! Profit From Car Pal Intel in 2022

Car Pal CEO Lindsay Graham in vehicle, ready to discuss car lease value.
Car Pal CEO Lindsay Graham enjoys helping clients get the most profit out of their current car lease turn-in or vehicle trade-in.

We here at Car Pal are writing to help you and your friends and family stay informed about the state of the car buying market as we enter 2022 because too many consumers are leaving thousands of dollars on the table that they don’t know what they have. That money is hidden in the value of your car lease turn-in or vehicle trade-in.

Two Common Myths About Your Current Vehicle Trade-In and Car Lease Value

  1. Your trade-in or car lease turn-in is worth more than ever.
  2. You don’t “own” your car lease.

The Truth

  1. Your trade-in or lease turn-in is worth MONUMENTALLY more than ever.
  2. You don’t “own” your car lease. This IS true but you DO “own” the equity in your lease.

The profit in your trade-in or car lease turn-in DOES belong to YOU, not to anyone else, not even to the dealership or manufacturer who initially leased you the vehicle β€” and there is a LOT of profit to be had right now.

Some of our clients have made $10K that they didn’t know they had, just by calling and asking us to review their deal.

ALL who have used our services have made thousands more than they were offered on their trade-ins and car lease turn-ins.

Know the Facts About Your Car Lease Turn-In and Vehicle Trade-In Value…And Negotiate the Best Car Deal

Let’s say you’ve got your eye on the perfect car. You’re ready to pounce…but then you hear the voice of a salesperson in your head. You know what they’re going to say before they even open their mouth.

Yup, the dealer is going to try to sell you on a car that’s more expensive than you need to pay or that doesn’t match your precise needs and you believe their true story about mark up because of the car shortage.

What’s worse, dealers will NOT give you the best deal on your trade-in or car lease turn-in. Because that’s where THEIR profit lies. As our friends at YAA write, you CAN sell your car lease for a profit.

We here at Car Pal suggest that you listen to what car dealers are offering… but PLEASE DON’T trust everything you are told right now.

Amazing deals still exist. However, the “tricks” dealerships use to make profit from consumers are more scary than ever.

In spite of the current vehicle shortage, there is still a difference between a “meh” deal and a GREAT deal.

17 Strategies to Make the Best Car Deal in 2022

  1. It’s a Best Practice to Tread Gently but Firmly for the WIN
  2. Don’t Assume That a Dealership Wants Business at Any Cost
  3. Negotiate the Highest Trade-in Value You Possibly Can
  4. Ask for Discounts On Accessories or Free Add-Ons
  5. Be Careful About Interest Rate, Money Factor (for leases) or Terms
  6. Ask for Cost Reduction for Cosmetic or Mechanical Repairs to a Pre-Owned Vehicle if Issues Are Uncovered During PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection)
  7. Reduce the Cost of Extended Warranties for New or Used Vehicles
  8. Scrutinize Dealer Service Plans
  9. Find the Lowest Cost Vehicle Transportation Company
  10. Ask the Dealer to Handle the Title Work Or Do It Yourself
  11. Sign Paperwork Remotely
  12. Use a Credit Card Toward Your Vehicle Purchase
  13. Check On Length of Hold on a Check You Write
  14. What If Your Vehicle Has Been Declared a Total Loss?
  15. Don’t Be A Disgruntled Buyer
  16. Remember That Speed Is Key in This Turbulent Market
  17. Use a Car Buying Service to Get the Best Car Deal

Please DON’T leave money on the table and please DO schedule a free consultation with your pals at Car Pal. And we hope you will encourage friends and family members to do the same.

Why? Because our consultations are free and you, your friends and family WILL save money 100% of the time if they decide to use our services.

We hope this helps you navigate this crazy market! And please know we are always here to help you with any deal or vehicle trade-in.

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