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LendingTree: Finding the Best Car-Buying Service for You
August 22, 2021

Finding the Best Car-Buying Service for You

Jenn Jones wrote a comprehensive LendingTree article entitled “Finding the Best Car-Buying Service for You” which gives a great overview of the whole car-buying service marketplace and how Car Pal fits into it.

Car Pal’s national consumer-centric and business model is quite innovative in the marketplace. Because of this, we are always happy when other organizations take notice of our approach.

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juan pablo rodriguez umyBR1m5MRQ unsplash cropped
May 5, 2021

## Warning: Don’t Trust Bargain Car Prices You See Online

Word of the Day: tregetour – juggler, trickster, deceiver So many times, people see good looking online car prices that make them…

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What does it take to be a good car buyer's agent?
November 11, 2020

Is It Worth it to Pay a Car Buyer’s Agent?

Is it worth to pay a car buyer’s agent? When you break down what we handle, suddenly our fee seems like a small price to pay for all the supervision we provide to our clients….

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At Car Pal, the best practices we follow help our clients get their best deals on vehicles like this red Toyota Sienna.
October 24, 2016

Five Best Practices I Follow at Car Pal

Consistent success depends on working methodically and ethically! In this post, Car Pal founder Lindsay Graham shares five of the best practices she follows in her day-to-day operations….

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Buying a car online? Here are five easy steps.
October 6, 2016

Five Ways to Simplify Your Online Car Purchase

You’ve decided that you would prefer to buy a car online rather than driving from dealership to dealership. However, you would like to streamline your efforts and avoid the hassle. Here are five of the best practices recommended by your Car Pal….

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