Car Buyer's Agent

Five Reasons Why Being a Car Buyer’s Agent is Awesome and Five Reasons Why it is the Hardest Work Imaginable

The GREAT and the challenging:

Let’s start with awesome.

1.     We get to be like Switzerland. Neutral. Though we work for the buyer, the dealers love us (the enlightened ones do, anyway). Although they won’t make the big profit, they understand that they probably wouldn’t even have the customer at all if it weren’t for their customer’s relationship with Car Pal. So, the seller still appreciates us, even as we reduce the dealer’s profits.

2.     We are often viewed as the super hero by the buyer who needs a new vehicle but doesn’t have the time or interest to put in the hours it often takes to get the best deal, vehicle, service, and terms. Unsolicited appreciation often seems endless and is endlessly satisfying.

3.     We are an integral and essential part of the second largest purchase most people will ever make. We are therefore likely to be remembered forever and fondly, and that is nifty!

4.     It is a great way to make new friends from all over the country.  We meet people who are highly intelligent, super successful, and wise with their money and time. They often become lifetime friends. These are, incidentally, the best people to form lasting friendships with.

5.     We spend constructive time with VIPs and/or people who are always busy.  The time we spend together makes such a positive impact in their lives that our being a part of it is, in a word, special.

Bonus reason:  
Virtually 100% of our client interaction can be done by email—a great convenience for many of our clients and for us!

There are some challenges:
(But please stay tuned for the positive ending!)

1.     Dealers can be supremely difficult and hard-headed… sifting through them to find the reasonable and accommodating ones can be trying and extremely time-consuming.

2.     Errors on anyone’s part during a vehicle purchase can result in long-term and even daily dissatisfaction, discomfort, or disappointment. Because a relatively large outlay of money is involved for what is for many a big part of their daily routine (driving), it is critical that we closely monitor an industry that seems particularly predisposed to errors (if not outright untruths). Human beings make errors.  No one is exempt. Errors on a dealer’s part regarding inventory, packages, availability, or trade-in values can be challenging and time-consuming to track and correct.

3.     Dealers can be manipulative.  No further explanation needed.

4.     Sometimes our customers don’t realize the amazing results we’ve accomplished on their behalf.  Those who do not remain customers. Those who do, become clients and return again and again over the months and years that follow their first experience with Car Pal as the car buyer’s agent.

5.     Finding the perfect vehicle at the best price often involves strategy that can become mind-numbing and frustrating. Sometimes it seems as if it’s not worth continuing the effort to move forward with a particular search or transaction, and this can lead to internal conflicts and debates about “cutting our losses.”  But we at Car Pal never give up.  

Conclusion:  Helping buyers purchase their vehicles requires dedication and persistence. It is not for the faint of heart, but for those who possess a sturdy, enthusiastic, optimistic, and unflappable attitude, the daily endeavor provides a worthy challenge.  Representing car buyers and all the possible permutations of temperaments, personalities, and requirements is not easy, and it is certainly not without its inherent frustrations. But as with many of life’s noble endeavors, the rewards far outweigh the challenges.  When that perfect new vehicle is finally safely parked in front of the client’s home or in the garage and everyone can breathe a huge sigh of relief, that is an accomplishment worth savoring each and every time.

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